The Black Knight of Walpurgis
Portrayed by Christian Bale
Name: Oberon Lestrange
Aliases: Obe
Birthday: July 28, 1924
Position: Slytherin Student
Lineage: Pure-blood

Lestrange Family



Eleven and two-thirds inches, blackthorn, slightly yielding, with a dragon heartstring core.


Oberon owns a long-eared owl with distinct dark gold coloring. She is named Hecate.



This young man is tall for his age, and has grown into a lean, corded build. His dark hair is slicked back in a severe style. His face is long, his cheeks already shedding the roundness of youth to show off prominent cheekbones. His visage is distinguished by haunted brown eyes; when they are not narrowed in a steely scowl, there is a rare, kind quality to them. A faded scar cuts through his left eyebrow—a reminder of some past conflict.


Oberon Faolus Lestrange was born on a sweltering day in the luxury of his parents' estate, which was several kilometers east of Hastings, near the shore but far enough north to be in the country. His father, Arcadius, spared no expense for his son's and wife's safety, but it was for naught; Oberon survived his passage into the world while his mother, Francine, passed away. The woman's death became a taboo subject between father and son.

Oberon spent most of his early life traveling with Arcadius, who worked as a curse-breaker for Gringotts. Oberon's every need was attended to by house-elves, hired tutors, and the occasional servant. The boy became quite spoiled, as he wanted for nothing despite the exotic destinations his father traveled to, and he had no siblings to contend with for attention. When it Oberson was ten years old, Arcadius retired from his position to focus on his son's upcoming Hogwarts education. The two were close as father and son, though Arcadius mercilessly pushed Oberon to excel—-Oberon was being groomed for greatness, and Arcadius was a harsh mentor.

Oberon received his acceptance letter to Hogwarts in the summer of 1935, and his father made certain he would attend school with the newest and finest materials, though there was one curiosity. In his travels, Arcadius had acquired several wands, each of which he placed in private storage as trophies. One of them, made of vine with a basilisk eyestalk core, caught Oberon's eye when he turned eleven, but Arcadius did not grant it to his son. Sensing his son's desire for the wand, and knowing well the direction it would take the boy's magic, Arcadius decided to withhold it from Oberon until his son had earned the right to properly claim its power.

Oberon was sorted into Slytherin, and did well in most of his classes up to his fourth year, except Herbology and Astronomy. Oberon found little value in digging in the dirt and memorizing names of stars and constellations, and he often thought them both boring and tedious. There were minor instances with other students, due in large part to Oberon's prejudices and tendencies towards cruelty, but Oberon learned swiftly that crimes were met with harsh punishment. In his third year he met young Tom Riddle, and Oberon took it upon himself to teach and watch over the younger boy.


Oberon couldn't care less about most people. He simply lacks empathy, or even a reason to bother considering others' points of view. Those that oppose his beliefs are obstacles to be removed without mercy.
Reputation for Cruelty
A notorious bully, and worse, if the rumours are believed. He is seen as an immature brat at best, and a sadistic sociopath at worst. Surely, the Lestrange name has fed these rumours…but that doesn't mean they're not true. He openly detests "mudbloods", and considers Muggles to be an inferior species altogether.
Spoiled since he was a child, Oberon dresses luxuriously, purchases only goods of the finest quality, and eats only gourmet food when he has a choice.
Oberon is arrogant, and quite assured that he is better than everyone he has ever come across.
Wealth: Opulent
Oberon's father, Arcadius, inherited a great deal of money, and in addition acquired a great deal of wealth as a curse-breaker. Oberon is provided with a substantial allowance.

RP Hooks

Oberon is a Lestrange, and his father has great renown as an adventurer, and now serves as the Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. He frequently brags about Oberon as a rising star.
Former Magijugend
One of the first members, Oberon was dedicated to the club until Flint was ousted, after which he left their ranks.
Knights of Walpurgis
Oberon is a founding member of this secret society. He serves as its muscle, both to intimidate those that look too closely at their activities, and to make certain the Knights adhere to their oath.
Oberon is known for being rather cruel, especially to Muggle-born students and pure-bloods that befriend them (blood traitors!). In recent weeks, Oberon has taken to whistling the Dirge of the Harpies — a song from an old wizarding opera about a famous incident involving the purging of Muggle blood from a particular region — as if to signal that he is on the hunt for mudbloods as he roams the halls of Hogwarts. In a way, it is a blessing to those who would rather avoid crossing the path of the sadistic Lestrange lad. In another way, it has only added to his tools for terrorizing his victims.

School Performance


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I wasn't too sure about Niles at first. He hasn't got much spine. But he's pretty bright, so there's potential there.


I saw something in Tom when he first came to Hogwarts. Of course I was right. He'll be Head Boy, I'm sure of it. But that's just the beginning.


That's twice that she's stepped out of line. I shan't remind her a third time of her place.




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