This character is a Community NPC, and can be used as appropriate (see RP Hooks, below). If you would like a staff-run scene with this character, please put in a +request.

Portrayed by Tommy "Tiny" Lister (a.k.a. Zeus)
Name: Ogg
Aliases: Troll
Birthday: June 24th, 1881
Position: Keeper of Keys and Grounds
Lineage: Squib (rumoured to be part-troll)


The keeper of the Hogwarts grounds, Ogg, is a mountain of a man with a fearsome visage. Rumor has it that he has some troll blood in him. His skin is dark, baked by hours of labor in the sun. He towers over all students and professors at a height exceeding seven feet. With a powerful musculature, he can hoist massive burdens onto his broad shoulders with little difficulty and no need for magical assistance. His brows are most often furrowed in a dark glare at any students he sees going near the Forbidden Forest or looking to mess up the grounds. Under a sturdy coat, he wears a stained white shirt and faded overalls.


Ogg was found by the Groundskeeper of Hogwarts as a young child, wandering through the Forbidden Forest. After some investigating came up completely dry he was raised with special permission from Dippet on the Hogwarts grounds. When asked for his name he said it was Ogg. Then they came to realize that "Ogg" was about all the boy could say with much clarity. After he was taken to Mungo's for an examination it was learned that some trauma must have happened to him as a baby because he was completely deaf and blind on his right side. His hearing on his left side was also damaged, hence the crippled vocabulary. But the healers at Mungo's were able to fix most of the damage and he could then listen and learn and his vocabulary grew.

Even though it turned out that Ogg had no magical ability and was therefor a Squib, he was literally raised and trained to take over as Keeper of Keys and Grounds when his foster father passed away. So then it was that it became his job to look over the "very grounds that birthed him" as his "father" would call them.

Most students are terrified of him, he doesn't mind, it helps to be feared a little when you are trying to get a pair of snoggers off of the patch of garden you've just seeded. For the most part though, Ogg keeps to himself in his Hut and is really only bothered when something very important comes up. He enjoys his quiet life, where he enjoys playing "chess" with black and white puffskeins, he puts little crowns and hats and other Chess Piece costumes on them and let's them wander about inside the special chess board he made on the top of his dinner table that has a raised lip to contain the living chess pieces.


  • Fearsome
  • Half Deaf
  • Half Blind
  • Wealth: Poor

RP Hooks

He is a community NPC, able to be used by players in outdoor scenes at Hogwarts.

When using Ogg as a Community NPC, consider the following: Ogg is a recluse, and doesn't talk to anyone. He might occasionally grunt or shout single worlds at someone, often to chase students away from areas they shouldn't be (like the Forbidden Forest). He becomes quite irate if he catches students picking flowers, digging, littering, or otherwise messing up the grounds.


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