Character Information
Portrayed by Jessica Lange
Name: Oighrig
Aliases: (pronounced: OY-rik)
The Mystic
Birthday: April 20th, 1884
Position: Mystic
Lineage: Centaur


With the graceful frame of a dancer, this Centaur's horse-body looks as though it wouldn't be out of place on the fabled Arabian steeds. Her coat is a rich coppery chestnut, with white socks. She is narrow-waisted and slim as her human form emerges from the elegant equestrian body, long copper hair falling in loose ringlets to the small of her back. Her features are sharp and delicate, with an upturned nose and high cheek-bones. A small mouth seems ready to smile, or scowl, with equal expressiveness. Vivid green eyes stare out, glittering with intelligence and wisdom.



  • Quirk 1
  • Quirk 2

RP Hooks

  • Mystic of the Starchasers
  • Hook 2, etc.


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Chief: The other side of my coin, we are so different in how we approach things. It is a blessing that Torrigan, no matter how stern he might be has ears that are open and a heart that is soft. We make a good partners, even in these terrible times.


Chosen: A young but very talented Augur. More and more, Oighrig sees signs that it will be Aurelea who takes her place when the time comes.


Rebel Seer: When Cyrene was born, Oighrig saw signs that she might one day take the mantle of Mystic, but as the filly grew so did her resistance to being an Augur.

Special Rules

  • Powerful Body: Centaurs are faster and stronger than humans. They receive a +2 bonus to all rolls involving feats of strength and physical stamina, and +4 to any roll involving running. As a rule, a centaur will always outrun a human in a straight race. Only a human who has trained specifically for running speed has a hope of matching centaur speed.
  • Eyes of Fate: Centaurs have a natural talent for divination, and gain a +2 to all Divination rolls.
  • Healing Hands: Centaurs are skilled healers, and gain a +2 to all Medicine rolls, and to Potions rolls to make Healing potions.


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