Ollivander Family

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The Ollivander Family
Family Head: Thaddeus Ollivander
Home: London, England
Wealth: Comfortable
Blood Status: Pure-Blood & Half-Blood
This represents what is typical for the Ollivander family. It does not necessarily apply to every branch.

Family History

Family Identity

Formerly one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight - though this title has been lost since the birth of Garrick. The Ollivander Family are best known for the famous wand shop, established in 382 B.C., though only one branch of the family runs it (and, ironically, that branch ceased being pure-blooded with the birth of its only heir, Garrick Ollivander). Other Ollivanders exist, though the family remains fairly small.


Family Members

Family members bearing the Ollivander name:

Chaucer Gresham Ollivander Thaddeus

Blood relatives without the Ollivander name:

Clare Julian

Ollivander NPCs: Thaddeus (Head of Family): b. 1865. Open for Marriage and Children Linking. Ulysses & Sylvia nee Travers: b. 1868 & 1893. Parents of Gresham. Gervaise & Helen nee Greengrass: b. 1893 & 1895. Helen is a Half-Blood (Muggle-Born Mother) Greengrass so their child Garrick and any siblings (open for linking) are Half-Bloods. Aneiron & Dyllis nee Fudge: both b. 1872 are Veronica's Parents and Julian's Grandparents. Zelda Ollivander: b. 1876. (Open for marriage & kids linkage).

((Closed for newly created characters. The Ollivander family has a great many NPC names available. Please consult with Boo before adding any new NPC names to the Family. She is happy to help weave and match to help get you settled into the existing tree.))

Connections and Relationships

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Family Statistics

Influence: #
Lands: #
Law: #
Population: #
Power: #
Wealth: #
Founding: ####
Historical Events = #

| Roll#| Event     | Influ. | Lands  |  Law   |  Pop.  | Power  | Wealth |
| ##   |  EVENT    |  ---   |  ---   |  ---   |  ---   |  ---   |   ---  |
| Total Results:   |   #    |   #    |   #    |   #    |   #    |    #   |
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