This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Faded into the background.

Future Wandmaker
Portrayed by Liliana Mumy
Name: Ophelia Cymbeline Summerbee
Aliases: Ophe, Hornbeam, Ginger
Birthday: Sep 23, 1921
Position: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Pure-blood


This young girl is thin and smallish, with long straight ginger-colored hair and an intense, off in another world expression on her face. She stands a few inches short of five and a half feet, with a thin build that can make her look taller than she actually is. Her face is round, as are her features, and her skin is the pale with hints of pink that tends to come standard with ginger hair. Her eyes are a dark hazel, changing easily with the lighting and the colors around her. Her hair, her most prominent feature, is a bright ginger. It hangs down a little past her shoulders, and is parted messily just off-center.

She's dressed in a basic Hogwarts uniform. The dark grey of her sweater, skirt, and socks match perfectly, and are obviously new and well cared-for. The Ravenclaw blue of her tie, which is tied only a little crookedly, stands out against the gray and her white shirt. Her shoes are also new, and polished to a bright shine. They almost look as though they have never been worn.



Norris and Rowena Summerbee

Rowena Henrietta Murray and Norris Gervais Summerbee met in a bookshop. Scholars with their specialties in Wandlore, they had both come to the store to purchase the same new book. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, there was only one copy to be had. After a rather exhausting battle of wills, Rowena suggested a truce - they would split both cost and ownership of the book, taking it in turns until a second could be purchased. Norris agreed only after being assured that another shipment would not arrive for a further three weeks, and the two purchased and began to share the book. Trips to meet and trade the book soon became extended conversations on wandlore and then on eachother, and in the end a second copy was never purchased. Less than a year later, the two were sharing a small house filled with so many books that when Rowena became pregnant it was decided that a larger home was needed. Both the coming baby and the growing collection of books would need more space.


Snidget as a baby


Ophelia's wand is a supple, 10 inch Hornbeam wand with a Unicorn hair core.



Ophelia's owl is a Little Owl named Snidget



Ancient Runes, Astronomy, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Divination, Herbology, Magical History, Potions, Transfiguration

Ophelia Cymbeline grew up surrounded by books and wandlore. As a child, her favorite stories were not just those of Beetle the Bard, but also stories of famous wandmakers in history. As a child, Ophelia's idol was Geraint Ollivander, and she would often run through her parent's overgrown garden collecting sticks and pretending to create new kinds of wands from them. Her parents were focused almost exclusively on their books. Though they loved their daughter as much as any other parents, their minds were deeply involved in their work, and so their daughter was given free reignto do pretty much whatever she pleased. She grew up a little wild as a result, defying convention without even knowing it and making up her own rules as she went along. There was only one rule in the Sumerbee house, do not harm the books. As a result, Ophelia grew up with an ingrained respect for the written word. Her true love, though, was wands. She dreamed of having her own, constantly wondering what her wand would be. Even more so, though, she dreamed of someday learning to make wands. She talked of it endlessly, even to the Mermaids her parents took her to visit during the summers, in the lake near her grandparents home.

She was six years old when she left her parents during a shopping trip to Diagon Alley and sought out Ollivanders. There, she begged the Ollivander of the time, Gervais, to take her on as an apprentice. Amused by her attempt, the man allowed her to peruse the shelves so long as she disturbed nothing until her parents could be contacted. Ophelia has never forgotten the feel of the place which felt more magical to her than any other place place she had yet been in her life.

At first, Ophelia was rather shy at school. The structure and shared spaces were so vastly different from her very solitary and wild childhood that for most of her first year the young witch felt very lost and confused. She did well enough in her studies once she learned not to wander out of her seat and to keep her shoes on during class. As she began to grow in confidence, her growing tendancy to ask to see the wands of anyone she met began quickly to put people off, and made it a little difficult for her to earn friends.

Discouraged, Ophelia considered trying to become more like the students she saw who made friends more easily. However, trying to defy her nature was not something Ophelia could put up with for long. By the time she had returned to her third year, Ophelia was her old self again. She learned to follow the rules as required by the teachers, but otherwise refused to change to the conventions set by her classmates.

Ophelia's fourth year passed mainly without incident, she became more serious in her studies and began to work extra hard to prepare for her O.W.L.s.

RP Hooks

  • Pureblood Society: Though they don't seem to consider it the badge of distinction that other families do, the Summerbees are an old and thus rather wealthy pureblood family.
  • Wandlore: Need some information on wandlore? Having a problem with your wand that you don't want to go to a teacher with? Ophelia is well-known for her obsession with the subject, and is usually happy to share what she knows.
  • Ravenclaw: Ophelia has been getting to know her fellow Ravenclaws very well this year, finally breaking out of her shell. If you're Ravenclaw, we should hang out!
  • Helping Hand: Need help with something? Anything? Ophelia is pretty much always willing to offer it, or to help find someone who can help.
  • Herbology: Are you good with Herbology? Ophelia is enormously envious of you. And she's probably asked for help or advice on something from you, at some point.


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  • Naive: Ophelia tends to think that when a person says something, they mean it. And while she may have a great deal of book knowledge, in other areas she is quite innocent.
  • Obsessed: Wands: Everyone in Ophelia's family has some sort of obsession. For Ophelia, its wands. They are what she wants to make, what the studies, and the first thing she wants to know about a person, when she meets them.
  • Wealth: Opulent: Ophelia's family is very, very wealthy. Of course, Ophelia rarely uses the money available to her. And when she does, it tends to be on books or things for her friends.
  • Artistically gifted: Though she rarely talks about it, Ophelia is very good at woodworking and can draw fairly well. She has a large collection of practice wands made over the years, and when she has time dabbles in other woodworking projects to expand her skills.



Best Friend - Ophelia and Ajax have been friends since their first year at Hogwarts. Initially he was her only friend, now he is her closest and best friend. He knows more about her than just about anyone at Hogwarts. She is continually inspired by his self-confidence, and often measures her choices by what she thinks he would do in a situation.


Sweetheart - Despite everything they have been through, and the horrible mistakes Ophelia finds herself making, Hephaesta insists that she still loves Ophelia, and has stuck by her. Ophelia has fallen hard for the little genius. She often wonders, these days, how she became lucky enough to end up with such a wonderful and brilliant girl.


Friend - The two have been through much, and while with many others it might have destroyed any hope of a friendship, Ophelia has found herself growing closer to Gabby over time. Though she still finds the artist difficult to understand at times, she has decided to stick by Gabrielle in the trials she is certain that her friend will be facing very soon.


Friend - Ophelia's Herbology partner and friend. Ophelia finds herself seeing much of herself in Elspeth. Though they come from vastly different backgrounds, the two have a similarity of spirit, in Ophelia's mind. Elspeth is also the person who gave her Whizzbee, and she will forever be grateful for the gift.


The teaser - Ophelia has seen little of Arian lately. She's generally accustomed to thinking of them as friends, though she worries still about the help she tried to give him in regards to Ria. But hopefully, with time, all will turn out well.


The Whimsical One - Though she hasn't seen much of him since the issues with Gareth and Ajax passed, Ophelia liked Gabriel, for a first year. He had some good ideas, especially that wizarding wireless one. If he keeps up with such things, he could turn out to be a very promising student.


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