Optional Code

Wiki code can sometimes be a hassle. So here are some optional bits of code for players to use on their character pages, along with instructions on how to use them.


Many thanks to CinderSkye for creating this amazing spell sheet generator! See Phoenicia for an example of it in use.

Witchcraft and Wizardry Spellsheet


Sidebars are a great way to add extra information to a page that doesn't really fit into the main content. This code creates a text box to contain that information.

[[include TextBox
| float=<left or right, depending on which side of the page you want the text box on>
| width=<width in pixels, 300-400 is usually a good range>
| text=<the text you want to display>


Want to spruce up your page with some extra images, but having trouble positioning them and getting text to wrap properly? Here's an easy way to do it. See Bailey for examples in use.

[[include ImageBox
| image=<name of image file>
| float=<left or right, depending on which side of the page you want the image on>
| width=<width in pixels, 200-300 is usually a good range>
| showBorder=<If want a border around the image, input a dash here. If not, leave this blank (or omit this line entirely).>
| showCaption=<If want a caption, input a dash here. If not, leave this blank (or omit this and the next line entirely).>
| caption=<caption text>


A simpler approach to listing logs on your page under "IC Events." This is being used standard on the character template now. Just slap the code below in place of the ListPages module, and put your character's name in the "name" field (make sure you capitalize). The code will take care of the rest.

[[include LogList name=Charactername]]


Some players like to keep IC journals. These can easily be tracked on one's wiki page by including the following (usually undernearth IC Events), with your character's name in the "name" field (make sure you capitalize).

+ Journal
[[include JournalList name=Charactername]]


Back when WiWi first started, PirateSpice created a "sidebar" for his characters as a way of noting their wand details, pet, and the form of their corporeal Patronus. The idea caught on, and people have made great use of the sidebar concept.

But over time, as the game and wiki developed, things have changed. For instance, it is no longer a foregone conclusion that a character should even note their Patronus form, as so few wizards can manage the spell. Also, the wiki code involved in using the sidebar can be a little confusing to those unfamiliar with how Wikidot handled "div blocks."

In an effort to make this optional page element easier to implement, I present the following. Just copy/paste the code below wherever you want the sidebar to appear, and fill in the fields (i.e. the spaces after the equals signs) as you please, keeping the following instructions in mind.

  • show: Any field that starts with "show" is asking whether you want the indicated section to appear at all. If the answer is no, leave it blank. If the answer is yes, put a hyphen in the field.
  • showfloatleft and showfloatright: These determine whether your sidebar will appear on the left or right side of the page. Mark only ONE of these with a hyphen.
  • other1 and other2: These sections are for up to two extra subjects you'd like to discuss. Possible examples would be an Animagus form, or a special magical artifact. You'll need to titled these sections yourself in the "titleotherX" fields.
  • Any section that you do not intend to use can be deleted entirely, if you wish.

For an example of this sidebar code in use, see Lucian.

[[include Sidebar
| showfloatleft= | showfloatright=-
| showfamily= | surname=
| showwand= | wandlength= | wandwood= | wandflexibility= | wandcore= | showimagewand= | imagewand=
| showpet= | pet= | showimagepet= | imagepet=
| showpatronus= | patronus= | showimagepatronus= | imagepatronus=
| showother1= | titleother1= | other1= | showimageother1= | imageother1=
| showother2= | titleother2= | other2= | showimageother2= | imageother2=


This is a way to show a series of log icons that serve as links to their respective pages. It's the same code we use to auto-generate the various lists on the Characters page, among other places.

Where this is most useful for players is to have a list of one's alts on your wiki page. It is recommended that one put this as the bottom of the page. The only way to make this work properly is to have a player tag on every character page you want to display. It is recommended to make your player name the same as your Wikidot account name or your Player bit name. For example, my Wikidot account is piratespice, so my player tag is "player:piratespice" (no space after the colon).

Other Considerations

  • Width: This measures how many pixels wide the log icons will be. 100 is the recommended width. 144 is the actual size of the images, so I wouldn't go higher than that. Smaller than 60 and the name bar becomes very hard to read.
  • Tags: Include the "character" tag, the "+player:XXX" tag (the + means it must have this tag also), and a "-name" tag, in which the name is the character whose page this code will appear on (excluding that character from the list).

Copy/paste this code to create a CharacterList:

[[include CharacterList width=100| tags=character +player:playername -charactername]]


Want a quick reference for your classmates from Hogwarts? Place this code on your page (the RP Hooks section or a tab under Relationships are recommended locations) to see who was in your character's graduating class.

  • gradyear: Your character's graduating year. You can find this in your +finger, or in the "classXXXX" tag at the bottom of your wiki page.
  • name: Your character's name. Be sure to capitalize it.

[[include Classmates | gradyear= | name= ]]

Page Notes

The following bits of code are to be used at the top of appropriate pages. Most of these are for staff use only.

  • CharGenNote: To be used on character pages. Indicates that the character has not yet been approved.
  • ConstructionNote: Staff use only. Indicates that the page is still under construction, and not to be taken as official material.
  • NPCNote: Staff use only; to be used on character pages. Indicates that the character is an NPC.
  • RosterNote: Staff use only; to be used on character pages. Indicates that the character is on the roster.

[[include CharGenNote]]
[[include ConstructionNote]]
[[include NPCNote]]
[[include CommunityNPCNote]]
[[include RetiredNote showreason= | reason= ]]
[[include RosterNote showcontacts= | contacts= | showcookies= | cookies= ]]

Report Card

Years 6 and 7 are blanked out because not all classes will continue into NEWTs. For NEWT classes, simply alter the final two cells to looks like the others.

||~ Classes ||~ Year 1||~ Year 2||~ Year 3||~ Year 4||~ Year 5||~ Year 6||~ Year 7||
|| **Astronomy** ||= — ||= — ||= — ||= — ||= — ||||~ ||
|| **Charms** ||= — ||= — ||= — ||= — ||= — ||||~ ||
|| **Defence Against the Dark Arts**||= — ||= — ||= — ||= — ||= — ||||~ ||
|| **Herbology** ||= — ||= — ||= — ||= — ||= — ||||~ ||
|| **History of Magic** ||= — ||= — ||= — ||= — ||= — ||||~ ||
|| **Potions** ||= — ||= — ||= — ||= — ||= — ||||~ ||
|| **Transfiguration** ||= — ||= — ||= — ||= — ||= — ||||~ ||
|| **Flying** ||= — ||||||||||||~ ||
|| **<Elective>** ||||~ ||= — ||= — ||= — ||||~ ||
|| **<Elective>** ||||~ ||= — ||= — ||= — ||||~ ||

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