Bella Italiana
Portrayed by Luisana Lopilato
Name: Oriana Volante Marcone
Aliases: Ori
Birthday: 24 June 1917
Position: Mob Moll
Lineage: Pure-Blood


She is a bit on the tall side for a woman, reaching nearly almost six feet naturally with most of her height coming from her long shapely legs. Her long honey hued hair is vibrant and bright even in the darkest hours of night whether worn down around her shoulders in flowing finger curls or up in a loose twist. A perfectly sloped nose is flanked by two almandine sapphire blue eyes and rests above a wide set of naturally pink full lips. Everything from the way she stands to the delicateness of her features speaks of the advantages of her birth. When she speaks it is with an educated tone and an obvious foreign accent. There is something about her, an inner strength or a clear sense of purpose which when combined with her attractiveness draw attention.


Wealth and privilege come in all different guises. Oriana Marcone hails from a long and illustrious line of Italian movers and shakers with fingers in pies, many of which were not strictly legal in nature. While purist when it comes to marriages and education of their offspring the Marcones are willing to do deals with the Muggle community when it suits them; this has lead to their involvement with the Fascist government and the crisis in Abyssinia.

When things became tense in Italy during the over throw of the old Muggle regime many of the families sent their children abroad to be educated in the safer climes of France and Beauxbatons, it's unplottable location making it a save haven for the childhood of people like Oriana.Far away from the distractions of family and political machinations she excelled at the arts taught to her; charms, divination, potions and were the ones she graduated with exceptional marks in. However, Oriana also spent a great deal of time pursuing less academic aims; she was a member of the musical clubs and the school choir. She also developed a secret love for Muggle things, especially music and cinema.

Her academic accomplishments and interests were of little significance to her parents, her value being more tied up in her gender than her clever mind. Despite this she did not waste her time after school but spent it wisely learning the ways of her family, in as much as women were allowed to. Even so, it was not entirely unexpected when two years after graduation she was informed she would be sent to London as part of an arranged marriage. The death of her grandfather delayed Oriana's departure for another year and left her with some means of independence and moderate wealth. She arrived in London to discover her arrival was arranged as a surprise.


  • Passionate Artist: Normally not one to be ruled by her passions, Oriana can become fierce when it comes to music. She is a defender of the arts, beliving in its importance for the soul. She is the most forceful when it comes to her own music and believes strongly that she is as good, if not better than many she has seen on stage.
  • Underworld Ties: Oriana comes from a long tradition of underworld wizarding ties, a tradition which she has continued in the UK.
  • Pragmatic Nature: It does nobody any good to cry over spilt milk. Far better to assess the situation for what it is, that way you can ensure you get the best out of it; for yourself and for the family.
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do: A nice inheritance has given Oriana enough to live off of, but she could of course do more if she chose to.

RP Hooks

  • Music Aficionado: Are you a musician? Oriana adores music of all kinds, wizarding and Muggle. She is a true patron of the arts and will gladly pay talented buskers on the streets or tip performers in clubs and bars.
  • Secret Cinema Goer: Oriana loves Muggle cinema, not something many pure-blood witches are known for. In Italy she would disguise herself and go watch films, in London she just goes as herself since not too many people know who she is.
  • Cunning Linguist: A natural linguist, Oriana speaks her native tongue fluently but also French and English. Interested in lessons?
  • Foreign Bird: When she speaks, though her English is exceptional, it becomes obvious Oriana is foreign. Ever been to Italy or have a curiosity about it?
  • Dog Lover: Oriana has a small white Highland Terrier named Innevato. She brought him over from Italy with her and can be seen out walking him in the parks near her flat.


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Oriana was not told her arrival would be a surprise to Wolfgang. Arranged marriages are common within both their families but that doesn't mean this one is going to take place.


Wolfgang's father has been less than forthcoming in his reasons for wanting to arrange the marriage, leaving Oriana with suspicions of her own. She knows her place but she does not like being a pawn in a power play.


With Oriana's fascination with cinema and cinema stars she could see herself as friends with Audrey, but the older woman may well end up being Wolfgang's mistress. Oriana has no problem with this provided they both stick to the boundaries of their roles. She hopes that Audrey is made of sterner stuff because as a child Oriana grew up seeing the devastation that being a mistress can cause.



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