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Character Information
Portrayed by Zach Mills
Name: Orion Black
Aliases: Ori
Birthday: 18 February, 1929
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-blood


A plain young boy of average height, Orion is nothing like his namesake. His dark brown hair hanging smoothly to the tops of his pronounced ears in a very traditional haircut. He has matching brown eyes and brows, and a smattering of freckles over the bridge of his nose. His skin decidedly fair of color, and of good health.

The lean boy's frame is outfitted in a striking set of green and silver robes befitting his sorting into noble Slytherin. The robe hanging down to just over his polished loafers. His build, hard to discern within the robes, is likely somewhere between average and petite for his age-group, though he still has his growing years ahead of him.


Youngest child and only son of Arcturus Black III and Melania nee Macmillan. Melania is a celebrated potioneer in the Pure-Blood circles and has her own shop in the Mysticked District. It's there that she met Lucretia's father and after a year of courtship they decided that they were suitable for marriage and entered in a marriage contract. The lack of 'love' between his parents didn't effect the family as poorly as many would assume. They have a great respect for each other and both give Orion and his older sister, Lucretia, plenty of love and affection.

Arcturus is the heir of the Black Family, which makes Orion the heir thereafter. This hierarchy is what has shaped and formed Orion's young life. He was always made to be present, even as a young child, at Family Decision meetings. A chair in the corner of the parlor is where he was made to sit and listen, as his grandfather and father would discuss family matters — his father's shadow, really. If his father was doing anything that would empower the most ancient and noble family Orion was there at his side. This is a role that Orion takes very seriously. He is happy to go to these events and be viewed as the heir in the making. Making his family proud and becoming the very best patriarch for the Blacks is his ultimate goal.

It's just a shame he's not exactly very good at it…yet. He fidgets in that corner seat and often draws a serious look from his Grandfather Sirius. More often then not in the past he'd forget to use the restroom before an event and more often than not he could be found tugging on his father's sleeve doing a bit of a jig. In summary: Orion is a child and even though he wants to be formidable and powerful. There are things like playing with his friends and making fun of the mudbloods that just accidentally take his attention away from those things. Thankfully his mother is quite fine with this and she does her best to keep her husband and father-in-law from expecting too much of her baby boy. An unfortunate side affect of his mother's rescuing is that he is a bit spoiled. He thinks he can do pretty much anything and he'll be rescued or bailed out by someone in his family.


  • Entitled
  • Purist
  • Youthful
  • Great Expectations
  • Wealth: Rich

RP Hooks

  • Slytherin: Started Hogwarts in 1940.
  • Clubs: To expand his resume Orion took up extra-curricular activities of Duelling Club and Broom Club.
  • Noble and Most Ancient House of Black: Orion is the son of Arcturus Black III and is in line as heir to the family.
  • Great Expectations: Can Orion live up to the family name?


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Mother: (April 30th, 1901) Pure-Blood. Melania Black nee Macmillan has been accused of coddling Orion and Orion has been accused of being a Momma's Boy. Both are honestly true. However around the time that Orion turned nine, there was a shift in the dynamic. Arcturus became the main source of Orion's parenting. Now that he's a bit older Orion has noticed the shift even more. It's as if Arcturus is doing more to distance his children from their mother.


Father: (December 18th, 1901) Pure-Blood. Arcturus Black III. Arcturus frequently makes sure Orion is present at family meetings and grooms him to be the next heir of the Black family. Orion wants to succeed in all he does so as to make his father proud.


Sister: (July 24th, 1925) Pure-Blood. Much like Orion, even though they are the heirs of the main branch of the Black Family Lucretia shows signs of not taking after the hard core ancestors of the past. She is a beacon of what Orion hopes to be able to manage. No scandals, well liked by a great deal of different people. Prefect. But not too busy to forget her music.


Cousin: (March 12th, 1920) Pure-Blood. Cousin Dorea married Charlus Potter. She runs an Art Gallery in the Mysticked District. She would baby sit Orion when she was home from Hogwarts. But their age difference and the fact that she was a girl they weren't really very close.


Cousin: Orion and Walburga are betrothed to be married so as to keep the Black Family pure. They are cousins and live in the same house as each other. There is no lovey dovey relationship between them. They act towards each other as any other cousins would that are of their ages.


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