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The Flower Shop Boy
Portrayed by Giuseppe Bausilio
Name: Oscar Sean Foxhall
Aliases: -
Birthday: Jun 28
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Half-Blood


This young man probably stands a few inches under six feet tall, a mite large for his age. His dark hair and eyes do nothing to detract from the blithely innocent look of him. The boy's skin is perhaps on the tanner side, though not naturally so. He looks as if he must spend a good deal of time outdoors. His shoulders are a little broad, but not so far as to look brutish. Yet another check on the 'not a brute' list, he appears barely even shave, having what looks like a naturally smooth face, which compliments the boyish grin he usually displays.

As far as his clothing goes, he tends to wear his Hufflepuff cardigan when it isn't inappropriate, sleaves pulled up and the top button of his shirt undone. The way he wears his school uniform doesn't look rebellious, but rather playful and hard-working.


Oscar was born the child of a mixed marriage, a Muggle and a witch. Oscar's mother, Olivia Quinn, grew up in Belfast and attended Hogwarts, where she was sorted into Hufflepuff; meanwhile his father, George, came from a family of farmers, on the outskirts of Ipswich. While his father was a youth, he discovered a love of flowers and other beautiful plants, becoming an avid gardener. While his father and brothers found this a less-than-masculine pastime, they were forced to admit he had a skill with it when he went on to open a florist's shop in London. Olivia, having received top marks in herbology and potions, went on to become a writer for Witch Weekly. Her writings mostly revolved around keeping gardens, home remedies, and infrequently she would get a piece in The Practical Potioneer.

Olivia and George met while at a public park, both were enjoying the fauna and soon a discussion of plant life turned to a discussion of dinner plans. The rest fell into place rather simply, with the exception of Olivia's family not understanding why she would marry a Muggle. However, any misgivings they had quickly vanished with the birth of Oscar. He was a gentle child, not prone to fits or outbursts, with the exception of fits of laughter, and he showed signs of wizardry at all the right stages. He got on just as well with his father's family, having a gentle way with the animals on their farm and taking an interest in the family business of growing things. His life was fair and simple, living in the flat above his father's business. While it was not a large home, it allowed room for his mother to keep magical plants and tell him about her heritage, while his father was never far off, usually just downstairs. Additionally, given the nature of the place, he was raised in somewhat of a fairy tale mindset, full of romance and peace. By the time he was eight or so, he would even help suggest bouquets to young men looking to court.

When the time came, Oscar's Hogwarts letter arrived like clockwork. While he had been to Diagon Alley a few times with his mother, his first visit for himself was something completely new. He was soon wearing his own robes and had a wand and books and everything. His mother only let him get one piece of Hufflepuff attire, "Just in case" he was sorted elsewhere. However, the Sorting Hat barely took a moment upon his head to sort him into Hufflepuff, which was not unexpected. The next few years were formative, as they are for all children, but not shocking. He became a charismatic young man, with an eye for beauty; and, while physically strong, he never used his size or prowess for anything but moving piles of sod for the herbology department and making bullies leave people in peace. Entering his fourth year, now, Oscar has a bit of a reputation for being full of Hufflepuff pride. He embodies the Hufflepuff spirit of friendship and can often be found helping teachers with menial tasks, showing younger students around, and of course, making good memories with his peers.

RP Hooks

  • Oscar is full of Hufflepuff pride and will do nearly anything for his House.
  • Oscar loves to help the younger students. Need directions? Need help with a lesson? Just need someone to talk to?
  • Got a Herbology question? Oscar is the guy to ask. He loves plants, and not just magical ones!
  • If you want help planning something social, Oscar's your man, he loves social events, even impromptu ones!
  • Feeling lonely? Unloved? Don't feel pretty? Spend some time with Oscar, he's terribly flirtatious.


Logs featuring Oscar Logs that refer to Oscar


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Flirt
  • Green Thumb



Conall is a Quinn, Oscar's mum is a Quinn. They're cousins, of a sort. They aren't particularly close, though they're both Hufflepuffs, and have a good deal in common.


A fellow phytophile. He always looks forward to having Herbology with her. She is a half-blood in Ravenclaw in the same year as Oscar so they've been going to Herbology for many years together now.


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