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Muggle Studies Professor
Portrayed by Natalie Portman
Name: Paeonia Palancher
Aliases: (pie-oh'-nee-uh); Professor Gams
Birthday: August 11th, 1906
Position: Professor of Muggle Studies
Lineage: English, Half-blood


Elegant, graceful, and fetchingly pretty, this woman doesn't look like your typical Hogwarts professor. She has curly brown hair, soulful brown eyes and legs that go on and on forever. Then there's figure. While normal Wizarding robes are worn, they're often worn open and the Muggle-style clothing underneath is both flattering and fashionable. She has an expressive face and a stubborn, independent tilt to her chin and, when she moves, it is with grace, poise, and dignity. She may be young, but there's no doubt that this intelligent witch belongs in front of a classroom.


The Palancher's have been in Quidditch nearly since the invention of the game. It's a family story that a Palancher was apart of the original group of kids that invented the game. If it's the truth or not is unknown. What isn't in doubt is that her family loves, lives and breathes Quidditch. The Palancher's were a proud pure-blooded family until that is, Quentin 'Quick' Palancher messed that all up by falling for the prettiest runway model when he was invited to a team mate's sister's modeling debut. He needed no further excuse to go view pretty ladies and while his team mate laid the line at leaving his sister alone, he didn't say anything about the sister's best friend. Holly Hobbs was enchanted by Quentin and he became her first and only love. As for Quentin he was quite the ladies man, but he was at least honorable enough to marry Holly when she realized she was pregnant. The wedding however caused quite the severance in the Palancher Family. Quentin was disowned so Holly's family and Quentin's team mates was the only family that Paeonia and her siblings knew. They lived in Holly's family estate in Kent. Holly adjusted well to being the wife of a famous Wizard celebrity. She also raised her children to live for themselves and to not rely on magic for everything.

In Hogwarts she was sorted into Gryffindor and was a bit of a rarity at the time in her knowledge of Muggle things. Even the Half-Bloods around her were heavily raised in the wizarding world and there were very very few muggle-borns about as well. So it was odd for her come third year when she began Muggle Studies and found the curriculum…odd. It was about strange things like what the use of a rubber duck was and how an elevator works. The aged professor, Urgwort Urquart, at the time was extremely displeased with Paeonia for most of her time as a student there. It's amazing she passed the class at all. But when Professor Urquart told her that 'If you don't like what I teach, you should make up your own curriculum and try it!' she did. Every project, every assignment she took what he assigned and turned it into something that wasn't some joke. By the time she graduated the class would wait for her to present her work so that they could learn something.

After graduation Paeonia got a job on at the Daily Prophet as a Muggle Corespondent. Writing the bits of muggle news no one care about. Until the did, Paeonia started to write about this man growing in power in Germany. Her crowning glory quite literally was the article she wrote about King George VI coronation after a series of articles that brought to light what was going on with his older brother and his possible link with said German to the wizarding world. The King was in his rightful place, Paeonia thought that was her magnum opus and that it coincided with the death of Urgwort Urquart was enough of a sign to take the job of Professor of Muggle Studies when Dumbledore came to offer her the job in 1936.

Being a bit of a pack rat and momento lover, Paeonia had kept everything that she did at school. So it was relatively easy for her to create a curriculum for Muggle Studies that made it interesting, exciting, and most importantly relevant! She's been at it ever since and is quite married to her job. She loves it.


  • Graceful
  • Too Independent
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Professor of Muggle Studies Class.
  • Teaching RP Notes: Sophisticated and Poised, but believes in making things fun in the classroom. ((Rather like John Keating in Dead Poets Society)) Her curriculum is full of hands-on projects and creative thinking.
  • Despite the fact that Flint gave her an adjusted curriculum to teach in the 1939-1940 school year, Paeonia kept to her own original curriculum and it caused quite the bit of tension between them. She likely was going to be sacked if he stayed in power for even a week longer. God Bless the M.L.E.!


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Headmaster - All hail the new regime! She learned all she knows about Transfiguration from the man so while she's disappointed that the future students of Hogwarts won't receive the same excellent education on the subject she is ultimately relieve to have a man such as Dumbledore as her boss and overseer of the whole school and not just one house.


Professor of Arithmancy - Sweet Professor Aczel. He is very kind and has an eternal youthfulness about him. He is brilliant though and if it weren't for the fact that she can practically hear him thinking up some formula or another while speaking to him, he'd be such a wonderful conversationalist.


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