Character Information
Portrayed by Krystof Hadek
Name: Paul Riggs
Aliases: -
Birthday: March 10th, 1917
Position: British Royal Air Force
Senior Aircraftsman
"Garbo's Garters"
Lineage: Muggle


Paul Riggs is a short young man with bright eyes and a hopeful demeanor. His skin is pale and sunburnt in places. He has grown his hair out to a shaggy length, the locks wavy and light brown. Thick lips sit underneath a long nose. He stands at five foot six inches tall and is overall a skinny man. Despite his short height, his arms are long and lanky, with delicate fingers and a surprisingly strong grip.

Paul is rarely seen out of uniform. His uniform jacket covers his hips and buttons high on his throat, with several pockets available for use. His trousers are neatly tailored, though a bit worn from his time in them. A wide belt sits around his waist holding his sidearm. In place of a hat, he has his flight helmet, complete with goggles, ear protection, and an oxygen mask.


RP Hooks

  • London Defender: Greg is a member of the 22 Commando Brigade based at Hyde Park aka Knightsbridge Barracks, London. It is a mixed branch unit which consists of Army, Air Force, Calvary (and Tanks), Navy and Marines. Their duty and prime mission is to work together to protect and defend London.
  • <Hook Title 2>: <Few sentences about ideas on how to get hooks and instant RP with this character. 2 Hooks are required, more are encouraged.>



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Robert Riggs
Father: (BirthYEAR - ?) Muggle. Robert was kept in the dark by his Squib wife that magic existed. He's a kind-hearted man and a hard worker down at the Liverpool Docks. He grew angry at the secrets that were kept from him, but over the years he's gotten over it and is proud of the woman and witch Bobbie has become. The fact that Greg betrayed their family by revealing to his girlfriend that magic exists has created a strange change in Robert and Greg's relationship. Greg just can't for the life of him remember when and why the tension occurred.


Clara Riggs, née Yaxley
Mother: (BirthYEAR - ?) Squib. A squib from a dwindling Pure-Blooded offshoot of the Yaxley clan, she was quietly shuffled out of her family at the age of eleven and adopted by a Muggle family in Liverpool. She kept the Magical World a secret from everyone, until she had to explain to Bobbie and the rest of the family why her daughter received a letter of invitation to Hogwarts.


Older Sister: (b. September 24th, 1914) Muggle-Born.


Older Brother: (b. April 9th, 1912) Muggle.


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