Character Information
Portrayed by Peter Capaldi
Name: Peregrine Charles Stuart Urquart
Aliases: Perry; Magistrate Urquart
Birthday: Aug 25, 1884 (55)
Position: Magistrate of London
Lineage: Half-Blood


A tall and gaunt man of advanced middle age with very pale skin and iron grey hair, cut short and neatly. His vivid hazel green eyes are set deeply beneath bushy brows and framed by wrinkles, and his nose is long and straight. His sideburns curl down along the strong bones that outline his sunken cheeks. He has thin, bloodless lips which part to reveal small, even teeth. He is clean shaven.

He current clothing has a distinct Victorian influence. A knee-length black frock coat is faced with grossgrain lapels, and is worn with a matching waistcoat and trousers. A watch fob stretches from one pocket of the waistcoat to the buttons, and the fob hanging from it is in the form of a badge with crossed wands. His shirt has a wing collar and french cuffs, and is worn with a grey and black silk necktie with a large knot. On his feet are shined brogues.


Peregrine "Perry" Charles Stuart Urquart was born near Dornoch, Scotland on August 25, 1884. He is a half-blood from a family of half-bloods, his father, John Irskine Urquart was a Wizard who worked as a Ranger for the RCMC, and who bore the name of that particular Scottish family of Wizards only because his own father was the wizard in a Wizard-Muggle pairing. Peregrine's mother, Glynis MacDonald, was a squib, the daughter of another half-blood pairing, though as she was a housewife and didn't rely on any income of her own, the family lived mainly in the Wizarding world, though they did see the muggle side(s) of the family at holidays, and to this day Perry has no particular prejudices against Muggle-borns or others looked down upon by 'polite' wizarding society. His father's pay allowed them to live a comfortable lifestyle, and in the company of his younger sister, Iocasta (also a witch, it turned out), the family was reasonably happy, if somewhat dour in that Scottish fashion, living well within their means and always happy with less so that things could be squirreled away against a rainy day. In due course, Perry received his invitation to Hogwarts, packed his bags, and headed for another part of the highlands to begin his studies as a wizard.

It was only a week after his birthday that Perry boarded the Hogwarts Express and went to school for the first time in the 1895 school term. He was sorted into Ravenclaw House, a decision that proved apt, as he was a good student. He didn't make friends easily, preferring books, though he enjoyed poetry - both Muggle and Wizarding - and was a follower of Quidditch. He was not the type of student to take no for an answer, and was relentless in his pursuit of everything he could find out about subjects that interested him - though he was prone to ignore those that did not pique his interest, and was noted for a bit of inflexibility in thought and action. He was a student who saw black and white, and little in the way of greys, despite all his Professors and fellow Ravenclaws could do to try and dissuade him. He chose ancient runes and muggle studies as his electives, and, when he reached his sixth year, continued his studies, focusing on NEWTs in Charms, Dark Defense, and Conjuration.

During his fifth year, Perry took stock of his talents with his Head of House and decided that Magical Law Enforcement was the career for him. He didn't qualify for Auror training, but found a home for himself as a HitWizard for MLE - content in the knowledge that the sort of crime he chased down was both more prevalent and more impactful than the occasional use of a dark spell. Between his salary and the inheritance from his parents, he's fairly well off, especially since he continues to live as a bachelor - not because he doesn't like the idea of a family, but because he's been more or less married to his work, in the slightly obsessive way he is about things. He has a reputation as a hard-nosed, uncompromising HitWizard, and while he's willing to overlook minor crimes to get to bigger fish, once he is on the scent, he won't let anything throw him off. His relentlessness has served him well in his thirty-year career, and he has risen to the rank of Inspector. He believes firmly in punishment for the guilty, and has sent a goodly number of criminals to Azkaban, which has no doubt left him with a few enemies. His only real releases are in reading poetry books, trashy Muggle detective stories, and listening to Quidditch on the wizarding wireless.

Recent Developments

After a 37-year career at Magical Law Enforcement, Peregrine has been tapped for a new duty. On December 15, 1939 he was appointed Magistrate of London, combination Sheriff and Justice for the wizarding community in the metropolis. His new office is in the Magistrate's Building on League Alley.

RP Hooks

  • London Magistrate - Commit crime in London, he may be on your trail. Cause some minor trouble, he might be the one to throw you in the clink for a few days.
  • Hitwizard - On location with the wizards and witches of Magical Law Enforcement. Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do…?
  • Scottish - He's dour, he's pasty, he's got a burr, and he's at least somewhat related to a Scottish wizarding family.
  • Pitbull - Once he's on the scent, or latched on, Peregrine doesn't easily let go. Maybe he's the Inspector Gadget to your Doctor Claw, or the Javert to your Valjean?


  • Unyielding
  • Relentless
  • Wealth: Well-to-Do
  • Enjoys Poetry


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The Boss - Peregrine and the Commissioner get along just fine. They're both no-nonsense sorts, and don't truck with all this rubbish about blood purity that seems to be going around lately. He knows he just has to point Perry in the right direction, and he won't stop until he gets his man.


The (Former) Partner - Inspector Lovegood is rather unconventional, but has a proven record of success. They were partners for a few months before Peregrine was promoted to Magistrate, and remain on good terms.


Ex-ex-Hit Wizard - The infamous "Hammer" and Peregrine are cut from similar cloth. And both have had the uncertain honour of being Elijah's partner. A shame about his young family.


Deputy Magistrate - The right hand man at the London Magistrate's Office. A bit jaded, but with a keen sense of justice. Unfortunately, they barely know each other yet.


"Niece" - A constable, and the daughter of his former partner. Peregrine has known Hypatia since she was a gleam in her father's eye. Now that her father is retired, Peregrine has agreed to keep an eye on the girl and shepherd her career as best he can.


Hit Wizard Sergeant - Sergeant O'Donnell seems to be on the right path, advancing as one would expect through his career. Watch out for the ladies, though, lad, they're nothing but trouble in this line of work.


New Girl - A new Auror, just past her initiation. She seems to have a lot of enthusiasm for her work, and in the few times he's run into her, he's found the youthful excitement refreshing. So, while he has his misgivings about whether she knows which end of the wand spells come out of, he finds he can't help but like her a bit.


The Other Boss - Deputy Commissioner Shacklebolt is effectively the lead hitwizard. Now that Perry is Magistrate, he answers to Solomon and Ogden directly.


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