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Character Information
Portrayed by Liev Schreiber
Name: Peter Jagger
Aliases: Pete
Birthday: October 4, 1893
Position: Underworld - Thug
Lineage: Werewolf


Looking to be in his late thirties, Pete is a man of German descent with a case of Lycanthropy as can be seen in a manifestation in his thick jagged yellowed claw like fingernails. He stands at a towering six feet and two inches, with his 200 pound muscular frame making him look even more imposing. Short, near-black hair is brushed back on a square shaped swarthy face. With darkly shadowed jade green eyes above his roman nose, a wry smile with thin lips usually graces his typically grim expression. This look is accented with thin cheeks, a square jaw and blunt chin. Pete smells like a back alley, and when he speaks, it is done in a very thick 'East Ender' accent. So thick one might not be able to pick up on the German hints to it.


Pete Jagger aka Petrus Jäger was born to a British Witch, Sharon Gibbon and a German Warlock, Thiemo Jäger, that met at a Triwizard tournament when they were students. They remained pen pals and when it was asked for it to be arranged by the teens, a betrothal was arranged. Unfortunately words on paper didn't hold as much to the real deal that was Thiemo Jäger. He was neglectful and preferred to hunt in the Black Forest sating a blood-lust than to be with his wife besides merely sating other lusts. Those lusts beget one child, one was all Sharon could take. Despite her best efforts at raising the child, his father's influence was too strong. When Petrus was ten and he struck his mother for serving him his porridge too hot, she left that night.

It was a regular boys club of fun after she left. His father let him do as he pleased and his pleasures were a chip off the old block. They would hunt together, drink together. Sharon was the only one who could cook so they enjoyed their meat rare and bloody. Schooling was done in the wilds and by the time he went to Durmstrang he was a budding naturalist. He excelled in herbology and the study of magical beasts. He did not have many friends, he was a brusk individual. The bad boy thing did see that he had enough relationships with the ladies to acquire a taste for 'romance'. Nothing anyone would call commitment. Someone even observed that it was as if Pete had a mating season like the beasts he loved so much. Because it was only a few months at maximum he'd chose a mate and then nothing.

When he traveled home to his father's cottage in the Black Forest after his sixth year was over he was perplexed that his father hadn't met him at the station. He came to discover that the cottage had been set upon by wolves, large wolves. They had him pinned in the cottage and were about to break in. His father was shouting that he was out of ammunition and his wand had fallen on the porch and slipped through the boards in his hurry. Using his knowledge of what he assumed were werewolves, Petrus cupped his hands around his mouth, lifted his face to the rising full moon and howled. That got their attention! It worked so well that the werewolves all turned to dash off and hunt him down. Which they did, in their exuberance to meet a new werewolf claws scratched and teeth grazed before Petrus could scramble high enough in a tree to be safe.

Petrus' first victim was his father. When Thiemo saw the state of his son he scrambled for his wand under the porch and was going to kill his own son right there and then. Pete severed his father's throat before the man could lift the wand for the kill. Petrus lived in that cottage for a few months, until his father's relatives began to poke around. When the lies and excuses got gauze thin he packed up and ran. Ever since murdering his father, seeing him for the monster he was it had made Petrus curious about his mother. Maybe she left for a good reason? When he found his mother in her new home in Liverpool, seeing her with her new happy family. He suddenly no longer cared to get to know her. Besides a curiosity if she would taste as good as his father had. Yes, from the very beginning Petrus embraced the curse. She was delicious, along with her new husband and his four half-siblings. He kept them in the basement of their own home, and he lived upstairs for six months, enjoying them one by one every month on the full moon.

When things got suspicious again Petrus changed his name to Peter Jagger and moved to London where he lives on Abnorm Alley in the Mysticked District. Unless on a job he is usually in that Dark part of the District.


  • Blood-Thirsty
  • Bestial
  • Literal Claws
  • Wealth: Poor

RP Hooks

  • Villain - There is nothing very redeeming about this beast. He has embraced the Lycanthropy Curse and it has consumed his soul. He tries to lure people (most often prostitutes) back to his place by offering them a galleon. If they are weak and dumb enough to go, he'll take them back to his place to toy with them until it's the full moon, then he'll eat them. Have someone you know that could/was a victim?
  • Underworld Security - Pete's an effective beast, even in human form for most of the month he is an effective security guard for places of ill repute. On the full moon he acts as guard dog with a big deterrent. No one thinks getting Lycanthropy is worth a score.
  • The White Wyvern Regular and Bouncer - His favorite place to get a drink, and scope out any prospects for a meal date on the full moon. Though he and Cyril have no come to terms that he needs to keep his claws off the customers. This deal also includes Pete's services as a bouncer. He gets free food and drink, so it's a pretty good deal for standing by a door and look menacing.
  • Wanted Werewolf - Ever since the Auror's found him and his pack at the warehouse they were paid to guard, Pete's name was put on the Werewolf Registry. But he'll be damned if he lets the Ministry of Magic take him to some prison every full moon. So he keeps alluding the Rangers and is on their list of AWOL werewolves. Let them come try to take him.


Logs featuring Pete Logs that refer to Pete



Prostitute - Delicious. Dinner Date reservation: March 5th, 1940.


The White Wyvern Owner - Fucking pretty boy, but at least he runs a good bar.


Thiemo Jäger
Father: My hero, my idol, my sire, my first kill. You taught me everything about being merciless. Taught me too well. Rot in the abyss, I hope my pack is still enjoying your bones every full moon.


Sharon Gibbon
Mother: Traitor, you abandoned us because you weren't strong enough. Well I'm stronger now because of you. Thank you for that. Though I still get a bit of indigestion when I think about you. *burp*


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