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Character Information
Portrayed by Colin Firth
Name: Phineas Black II
Aliases: Phin, Phinny
Birthday: 1881
Position: Wireless Radio Host
Lineage: Pure-Blood


If one had to choose a single word to summarise Phineas' features, 'careworn' would likely be the best choice; a face that was obviously once striking and handsome eroded by years of worry to a perpetual frown of concern. His eyes, a warm shade of chestnut brown, are tired and weighed down with bags of fatigue, his lips often pressed together in a grim line. All that being said, the man still has a decent head of dark hair, which he keeps neatly side-parted, and a masculine cleft chin to draw attention to a clean-shaven and strong jawline.

Though his attire is generally professional, it does tend toward the casual end of the spectrum, especially later in the day; a loosened tie or rolled up shirt sleeves, jacket long since discarded. Fortunately he has smart suspenders to keep his high-waist slacks, at least, in decent presentation.



  • Quirk 1
  • Quirk 2
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Recently Phineas was disowned by the Black Family for his open support and activist notions for Muggle rights.
  • Hook 2, etc.


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Phineas Nigellus Black
Father -


Ursula Black nee Flint
Mother -


Eldest Brother -


Younger Brother -


Little Sister -


Youngest Brother - Such rage! Cygnus II scares Phin and he's not afraid to confess it to those close to him. The way he treated Marius is one of the shocking horrors that put Phineas towards the mindset that the Muggles, Squibs and other Non-Pure-Bloods varieties should be cared for, not hunted like animals like Cy would if it wasn't against the law.


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