Sunfire Witch
Portrayed by Peyton List
Name: Phoenicia Felicity Phillips
Aliases: Phee; Phee-Phee
Birthday: June 21st, 1925
Position: Gryffindor
Lineage: Half-blood
House Gryffindor Hogwarts Quidditch Gryffindor Prefect
'Failin' jes' means I'm playin', s'what me auld aunt Mary say fer aye.'
Phoenicia, to a friend.


The first thing to notice about Phoenicia is her hair: reddish-gold locks of hair that tumble with an arranged carelessness across pale peach skin. When you consider that she stands a bit taller than average for a girl her age, she's easy to pick out of a crowd of students. The second thing to notice about her is (probably) her smile; rare that she doesn't smile, either out of genuine cheerfulness or nervousness. And when she's smiling, she has twinkling brown eyes on a heart-shaped face, and dimpled cheeks with just a light dusting of freckles. Whatever cosmetics she uses are subtle but impeccable, the best tell being lips a color of pink that are just a little too real to be real. If she's giggling — and that's often — it's with a light Scottish brogue, the words coming almost too quick to handle.


Everyone knows three things about Phoenicia:

  1. She was a rather ugly girl her first few years, and still gets taunted for being so.
  2. She fell off of her broom every class for the first two months of her first year.
  3. She's a mudblood bastard who doesn't even know who her father is.

The first and second were unavoidable; the third she walked into when, in her first year, she honestly answered a sarcastic question from a Pureblood about her family line. Since then, she tries not to volunteer information about her home life, and any friends she has will hit a sudden brick wall on that front no matter how warm and friendly things were up until that point. Any other details generally have to be tricked out of Phee. Kieran Blackwell and some of the Hogwarts Faculty know, but aren't likely to tell students in most cases.

The Full Story

Fennick Felix Phillips was born on the summer solstice of 1925, in a country estate on the Isle of Skye. Fennick's mother was a rich muggle aristocrat who required some discretion after an indiscretion with a charming (unbeknownst to her) wizard. Her husband — feeling something was off about the whole matter but unsure what — agreed to let her keep the boy, but he would have to live separate from the rest of the family. The boy was raised in the Scottish countryside by his doting Aunt Mary as though he were her only child. It was, in many ways, a good thing for Fennick. He had two odd quirks that would have defied easy explanation in London: first, a proclivity for sneaking into women's wardrobes and wearing their things; second, things had a habit of catching on fire when he was around. Both traits emerged before he was five, and caught the attention of the Muggle Liaison in the area, who explained to Mary and Fennick what he was: a witch born in the wrong body. While the family's honor had to be maintained, it was agreed that as long as Fennick was in the Wizarding World, he could be whatever he chose to be.

With the help of the liaison, it was Phoenicia Felicity Phillips who showed up to Hogwarts in the fall of 1932, a shy extravert witch who enjoyed the company of others but spoke little at first, and sorted into Gryffindor despite that initial shyness. Phoenicia — or Phee-Phee, as some took to calling her — showed a talent for Charms from the first, excepting those of the mind which she found distasteful. Other talents were not quite so obvious; she fell off her broomstick every day for a month, and in general found classes to be overwhelming at first. But she never gave up, spending summers in remedial work to handle both aspects of being a witch — the magical and the mundane. She took Muggle Studies just to make her workload easier at first, but she found herself coming to adore the Care of Magical Creatures, fascinated by her accidental namesake, the Phoenix. Phee-Phee consciously adopted much of its symbology for her new life.

In many ways, Phee isn't much like the witch she came here as; she's still quiet in large groups, but is now cheerful and bouncy with small clusters of friends. She's gone from struggling with every aspect of being a witch — she never forgot falling off her broom constantly in front of everyone — to being a Gryffindor Prefect and a chaser for the House Quidditch team. She's gotten a late start on a few things, but if a Phoenix has to wait 500 years for a rebirth, she figures she handle a few years.



Thirteen inches, rosewood, swishy, with a unicorn hair core.



Phoenicia's familiar, Lugh, is affectionate, easily scared, and a bit stupid. Even so, he is quite loyal to her and loves to bring her presents. She's working on teaching him to bring her shiny things instead of dead things. Lugh is an ordinary horned owl, but he's been magicked with Gryffindor's colors to show his house pride!


Despite struggling significantly her first year, Phee has ended up becoming something of a model student with time. What she lacks in a long background of magic she makes up for with strong lateral thinking and mnemonic rituals for improving herself on difficult subjects. She's taking four N.E.W.T.S.: Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Transfiguration. With her heavy club involvement, this means she has little time for herself, though she does her best to stay sane.

Going into her sixth year, she has finally dropped the Arts Club as she realized she was more of an audience member watching anyway. She still goes to Broom Club every day to practice, but she is less involved in Domestics and Duelling than she used to be.

Report Card

Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Astronomy A A A A E
Charms E E E O O IP
Defence Against the Dark Arts D P A E O IP
Herbology A A E E O
History of Magic P P A A A
Potions P A A E E
Transfiguration A E E O O IP
Flying D
S.C.U.M.S. A
Care of Magical Creatures A O O IP
Muggle Studies A A A
Official Clubs Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Unofficial Clubs Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7

RP Hooks

  • Pulp Fiction: Phee loves to read, but her favorites are the cheap 5-knut adventure novels starring Juno Invictus, Lady of Action.
  • The Lovegood Connection: Somehow you've discovered Phee's blood relation to the Lovegoods. How do you handle the subject?
  • Study Buddies: You might be in over your head or she might be looking to bone up on a weaker subject.
  • Magical Beasts: Her specialty; if you've got a problem with one that you can't bring to Professor Kettleburn, she might be a good resource. Though she's still a prefect…
  • Picture Prefect: She considers it her job to keep her house in line, help them study, and give extra-friendly words of warning to members of other houses who are getting just a bit too snobby.


  • Bully Bait: She's a mudblood who frequently seeks approval the most from the people who are worst to her: pretty purebloods.
  • Girl Crazy: She falls often and falls hard, albeit from a distance. The most she'll do is send a girl some fairy cakes and hope to be noticed.
  • Hidden Fire: Sure, she's demure and polite. Doesn't really stop her from hatching crazy plans when no one's looking…
  • Mama's Girl: She hides behind the robes of authority figures early and often if social situations get messy.
  • Wealth: Comfortable: Her muggle family's wealth doesn't translate well to Hogwarts, but she has enough that she's not wanting for anything.

Special Quirks

  • Gryffindor Prefect: Starting her sixth year, she became a Prefect of Gryffindor House.


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Fellow Bookworm: Pure-Blood. While most of the Book Club is there to focus on serious literary works, Medea and Phee share a love for low-grade trashy adventure stories of Curse-Breakers, Magizoologists, Aurors, and Utterly Unspeakables. They swap novels with each other and talk excitedly about the monthly adventures of Juno Invictus, Lady of Action.


Potential Study Buddy: Pure-Blood. A Slytherin who asked for Phee's help with his faltering Care of Magical Creatures education… and then immediately snubbed her for being muggle-born. She's still going to help him, though, because that's what a Prefect should do. She might prank him a little for it, though.


Mud Buddy: Muggle-Born. Peggy was in some ways both more indignantly snarky and less frantically panicked about S.C.U.M.S. than Phee; Phee found her an invaluable crutch for sanity in that seven week nightmare. They go to Mud Club together.


Protegé: Pure-Blood. If Mackenzie Lestrange doesn't know how to handle perfectly pleasant conversation, Phee's going to teach her with aggressive niceness.


Augustina Phoenicia Zenia
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