Portrayed by Sarah Polley
Name: Sophronia Rose Prewett
Aliases: -
Birthday: Jul 06, 1910
Position: Magizoologist
Lineage: Pure-blood


The slight blonde woman has rather a sallow face, thin features, that at rest can seem almost sour. It's only when she's with animals or those few humans close to her that her blue eyes light up and she responds with a smile that can change her entire countenance. Her long, blonde hair has a slight wave that she usually lets fall around her face when she's not working, but at work it's always pulled back and clipped at the nape of her neck.

Because of the nature of her work, she can seem to be two different people in appearance. The clothes that she wears to work have been mended and cleaned often. When in these clothes, she doesn't worry so much about her appearance and whether or not there's a smudge of dirt on her cheek or tear in her sleeve. When she leaves work, she transforms, taking care to be immaculately clean and well groomed. She also dons fashionable clothing that always looks practically brand new and well kept.


Phronsie, as she was nicknamed by her elder brother of three years when she was born, is the middle child of Theophilus and Ulidia Prewett. Both of her parents are pureblood, and proud of it, tracing their roots back generations. Theophilus is so proud, in fact, that if his wife didnt insist on inviting them over for the Christmas festivities every year, he would gladly deny the fact that he is related to Philomena Jones, his sister who turned out to be a squib.

Ulidia Prewett, however, is a soft-hearted woman, and felt sorry for the young woman who was never given a chance to find love, but instead was married off to another squib, Cornelius Jones, in a marriage arranged by the parents to sweep the two under the carpet. Once a year Theophilus is very vociferous in his objections at having that family besmirching his home. Once a year, Ulidia holds firm, and he has to put up with their presence. Such was his obvious loathing for the family, and for squibs in general, that Sophronia began to fear at an early age that she may be a squib, and suffer the same fate as her aunt Philomena. She began trying to do something, anything, magical, just to prove that she wasnt a squib. It may have been this effort that blocked her from actually doing anything noticeable, and she became quiet and worried. Being one of those children with an instinct to hide what they are thinking, she never outwardly fretted, and sometimes gave off the idea she was dimwitted because she would fall silent when confused or scared. She would often retreat to the barn on the neighbor muggle farm, sneaking in to see the animals, and spending hours in the hay loft with chickens or the latest litter of kittens or puppies. Shed lean against a cow in the pasture while reading a book, or baa back at the sheep, and they all seemed to accept her as one of them.

As the summer after her eleventh birthday approached she became more withdrawn and silent than ever. She didn't realize that her wish for her father to not look at her with that brooding stare resulted in her concealing herself. None of the rest of the family realized it either, since they couldn't see her. Practically every waking moment was spent hiding out at the farm. Her fears that she would be cast out grew to unbearable proportions into the summer, until she received her letter from Hogwarts. It may be hard to say who was more relieved, Phronsie, Ulidia or Theophilus himself.

Hogwarts - There was a slight hiccup in her Theophiluss happiness, when Sophronia, or Sophie, as she asked to be called, was sorted to Hufflepuff, instead of Slytherin as he and Ulidia had been. But at least it wasn't Gryffindor, and she was in Hogwarts. It soon became clear that though she was a hard worker, she was not one of those who had that natural gift that everything came easy. It took a lot of hard work, and even then, she was still limited by book learning. She had very little creativity. One thing that did come to her was flying. When she wasn't knocking her head against a wall, studying, she was flying to clear it out. As she became a more active member of her house, and it was found that even though she was quiet, she was fierce. Cold and hard as stone, she could, and would, play dirty to protect or retaliate for anything done to anyone in her house.

In her third year, she elected to take Care of Magical Creatures. Not surprisingly, she took the class like a duck to water. Also, the Captain of Hufflepuff Quidditch team had noticed her flying, and invited her to try out. They had thought because of her size and quickness she would make a good seeker, but she showed a surprising aptitude with the beater, despite her stature, and she became a back up beater. These two things were huge boosts to her confidence, and it began to show in some of her other clases, although she continued to struggle in many of them.

The one hiccup to her third year was the arrival of her cousin Donner Jones, of the Jones squib family. It was he that let slip her nickname Phronsie, and it took hold like wildfire, especially after a particularly bitter Slytherin who lost a battle of insults with her added "Frozen" to it. Her stone-cold response to the epithet only reinforced the name, and from then on she was "Frozen Phronsie".

OWL Year was particularly difficult for her, and she was one of the students that spent some time in infirmary due to anxiety and exhaustion. As soon as she finished her OWLs, some of which she squeaked by the skin of her teeth, she dropped all but Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. The latter she kept because Theophilus insisted.

Her final years at Hogwarts were actually fun for Phronsie, surprisingly. Her natural affinity with creatures other than humans led to continued success in her primary course and even her performance in her other classes, even Defense Against the Dark Arts. As assistant captain for the Hufflepuff team in her seventh year, she excelled on the Pitch, gaining the attention of a few professional scouts, and even the notice of a few boys, a gratifying novelty for her. However, knowing that her father would not even consider professional Quidditch as valid career for a girl, she politely turned down the two offers she received from teams. She won an award for Outstanding Achievement in Care of Magical Creatures, which received mixed reviews from home. It was an award for being the best of the best, but it would have been better if it was for Transfiguration or some other real magic.

After school, she apprenticed herself for a few years to an Abraxan breeder in France, honing her knowledge of breeding the winged horse species. It was also an opportunity to leave behind the name that had taunted her for the past four years. Meanwhile, Theophilus pulled some strings back in the UK, and found her an entry level position at the prestigious Wind Jammer Estate in Wales. Wind Jammer Estate is known for breeding the most impressive Aethonons in the British Isle. Stud fees are astronomical, and the money to be made handling these creatures is quite impressive as well. In Theophiluss eyes, she couldnt be a powerful witch, she could at least be rich, and he could benefit from that just as well.

She returned, known as Sophie from the referrals of the French breeders with whom she studied.

Even though she had found something where she had a natural skill, Sophie was still as hardworking as ever, and these two things combined soon saw her in charge of two studs, Orion Rising and Arcturus Flame, that occupied Barns 3 and 4. Despite her slight stature, she is a strong and capable young woman, and somehow lords something more than just physical strength over her winged charges. She is still quiet, and the people that work in her barn under her are always wary of her sharp tongue if something should go amiss with the animals. But on the same token, they respect her knowledge, and they do admit shes fair. They've also found that when they really are in need for anything, she is there to support them. However, not many of them would really consider Sophie a friend. Most of her smiles are still reserved for creatures rather than humans.

Her private life took an unexpected turn not long after she was promoted to the care of the two studs. Because she was more adept with animals than humans, she hadn't been called on to work with the guided scenic rides given regularly at Windjammer Estates. However, the usual instructor was injured just moments before a private ride that had been reserved by Linc Palancher. Not wanting to disappoint the celebrity guest, the owners asked Phronsie to fill in at the last moment. She was less than thrilled with the proposition, expecting the player to be a right pain in the arse, and she wasn't disappointed. For someone with such great skill riding a broom, he seemed to be almost completely unable to master his seat on the Aethonon and needed constant correction during the pre-ride instruction. Only because she had a genuine fondness for her employers did she put up with it, and did her best to envision him as skittish colt instead of the annoying prat she perceived him to be. Her annoyance grew when he proved capable enough during the scenic ride tiself. Because she was concentrating so hard on smiling instead of throttling him, she completely missed the dagger looks that the man's date was shooting her the entire time.

Bryony Rose
Bryony Rose

The next day, Linc showed up unexpectedly when she was in the middle of working with her charges and at her most disheveled. He carried a bouquet of wildflowers and asked her for a date. She was shocked enough for him to be able to use his famous charm to talk her into agreeing. One date became two, three… and soon she started appearing on his arm at Quidditch Banquets, charity balls, and other functions the man was called on to attend.

Although they were both very careful in their activities, Linc one day made a joke about an old ruins that they visited being the site of old fertility rituals. It turned out the be one temptation too many for fate, and just as she was to leave on a world wide trip for new breeding stock, Phronsie realized she was pregnant. Scared to death of what Linc would think, she didn't say anything to him about it, and didn't send him owls when she was away. Seeing pictures of him in the Prophet escorting a couple other girls to events convinced her more that she shouldn't saddle him with an unwanted child. This led to huge row between the two when he showed up to suprise her in Australia and found the truth. It turned out that Linc did want her and the baby, and they patched things up to return in time for her to watch him lead the Appleby Arrows to victory in the Quidditch Cup.

Little Bryony Rose was born later that year, and has had Linc wrapped around her little finger ever since. The little blonde is two years old, and cute as a button, and has no idea that her parents are defying convention by remaining unmarried. She just knows that she is loved and adored by two people that love each other.

Phronsie, on the other hand, still lives in fear that some day a 'real' beauty will catch Linc's eye, and he will leave her. Until then, she enjoys the life she has with her man and her daughter.


  • Diligent
  • Industrious
  • Withdrawn
  • Wealth: Well-to-Do

RP Hooks

  • Horse Person - Phronsie breeds and trains Abraxan horses. Interested in getting into Winged Horse racing? Want to buy your special someone a 'pony' for their special day? Contact Phronsie!
  • Tabloid Face - Since becoming the unwed mother and long time girlfriend of Linc Palancher, noted Appleby Arrow, playboy and bachelor of the year several years in a row the 'rags' have been following Phronsie and Linc's relationship. So they are quite often in said 'rags'.
  • Mother - Mother of two now, Phronsie can often be found walking the kids around Regent's Park as they live in the circle of posh apartments surrounding the park. Do you frequent the park or are you a fellow mother? Perhaps playdates and the like could be arranged.
  • Sussex Place - Phronsie lives out of wedlock with Linc at his place in Sussex Place, Regent's Park. It would make for good 'bumping into' or good neighbor RP if you lived near by.


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Theophilus Dean Prewett
Father — A stiff, unyielding man with far too much pride in his pureblood heritage. He is one far more given to complaints, reprimands, and criticisms. He is not known for giving approval, and Phronsie learned at a young age that the best she could hope for was an escape from disapproval, as it was unlikely she would ever hear any praise from him in her lifetime. It’s a toss up as to whether he pulled the strings with Wind Jammer Estates because he loves her, or because it would be better for his image if she was making a lot of money mucking stalls.


Ulidia Shourds Prewett
Mother —- A woman with as much pride in her pureblood heritage as Theophilus, however, it is tempered slightly by the fact that deep down, she is a romantic at heart. She was not unaware of her daughter’s trepidation as a girl, in fact, she was already gathering her strength and resources to protect her from the same fate that had been imposed on Philomena. She is quite proud of her daughter’s accomplishments, and she always sends cards whenever the girl succeeds, expressing how proud ‘your father and I’ are.


Sylvanus Jove Prewett
Older Brother —- First born son and apple of Theophilus’s eye, sorted into Slytherin just like a good Prewett should. He was the one that would often come over to the farm to find Phronsie when he knew their father was looking for her. It’s possible he understood her fear as a child as well, and he started feeling very protective of her after her eleventh birthday. This protectiveness never actually died, he is also one of the reasons that she didn’t suffer as much at the hands of Slytherins. Once they found she could play their game, and her older brother added his own subtle threats, she was pretty much left alone, except for the nickname that grew a life of it's own.


Vertumnus Noll Prewett
Younger Brother —- Younger brother, and the baby of the family. He’s very much a spoiled brat and follows closely in his father’s footsteps in the way of temperament and ideals. It’s quite likely had Phronsie’s fears turned out true, he never would have spoken her name again. He is possessed of attitude and swagger, to cover for his mediocre talent. He will likely never raise above a mid-level beaurocracy position, for all his sycophantic ways.


Donner Nicholas Jones — Cousin —- Donner is a son of Philomena, and one of the cousins that regularly ‘besmirched’ the Prewett home each Christmas. The relationship with Donner is confusing, because she had to continually jump the fence in her interactions with him. When her mother was around, she had to share and play games with him. When her father came by, she had to turn her back on him and act like he was a little slug that belonged under a rock. Things became even more confusing when he turned out not to be a squib after all. He was pureblood, and could do magic, but his parents couldn’t. Even her father couldn’t figure out how to classify that, so he began to simply ignore the presence of Donner, neither approving nor sneering, as an expedient solution.


Samuel Lincoln Palancher — Boyfriend —- Phronsie has never really had use for self absorbed celebrities, and she found even less use for Linc Palancher when he showed up with a date to go Aethonon riding and she had to help the man do /everything/ over and over. But he came back intent on showing her how charming he can be, and she's know found herself in love with him. The low self esteem that was beat into her by her father still has her convinced that someday a woman more beautiful and witty than her will come along and steal him away, despite the many years of a steady (though roaming on his part) relationship and two children, a daughter and a son with him.


Briony Rose Prewett-Palancher
— Daughter—- Born Feburary 1035, Briony was a surprise, when Linc dared the 'gods' of fertility in a joke, and they decided it wasn't a joking matter. Since Linc was seen out with other women when she was away, Phronsie didn't think he'd want a baby so she tried to hide the truth from him. When he found out and made it clear he wanted them both, she came home. She's managed to weather the storm of disapproval, and being cut off from her father to live with her and the little girl has been the apple of both her parent's eyes. Phronsie leaves most of the spoiling of the little girl up to Linc, but she's known to treat the girl at times herself.


Wright Bowman Prewett-Palancher
— Son — Born September 28th 1939. Wright was planned, after some pestering from Briony who wanted a little brother, Linc and Phronsie decided to have another child. Conceiving their son was as much a Christmas present to themselves as to Briony. With a name like Wright Bowman (the idea coming from both parent's love of Quidditch) it will hardly be a surprise if he follows in his father's footsteps.


Talamus and Gretchen Archelaus
Owners of Wind Jammer Estate, and Sophie’s employers. They are impressed with Sophie’s attitude and hard work, and recognize a natural empathy with their creatures when they see one. As with everyone else, they wouldn’t term themselves close with her, but they are more understanding of this than most, since it also one of the reasons they have promoted her so quickly to a position of high responsibility in caring for their Aethonons.


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