Players may create a personal page as an optional place to share about themselves.

Some of our Active Players

AceCards BlueJuice Boo CinderSkye DangerKitten HoneyBonBon PirateSpice TwilightSparkle WhiteBishop WraithOwl Zytek

Gone, but not Forgotten

BadEgg BadPenny GreatBeaver Hexadecimal HotMess LilDragon LoKey OuttaThyme SuperSecretID WaitingForGodot

Player Bits

We allow the creation of "Player Bits." These are just an OOC "alt" that is used solely for communication on public channels, rather than swapping between different alts. It allows for players to have a single identity, rather than forcing others to realize that Jim, Bob, and Joe are all actually the same person, just speaking in different "voices" on Public. It also spares everyone connect/disconnect spam.

If you have multiple characters, and you'd like to create a player bit, do the following steps In Game:

  1. Create a new character. Name it something that is clearly not a character name.
    • Keep in mind that this is a world where some people have names like Draco, Vindictus, Modesty, and Bellatrix — so just having a made-up name or using a word that isn't typically a name may not be enough to distinguish it from a character name.
    • Combining two or more words and using camel case (e.g. PirateSpice) is recommended.
  2. Register your Player bit as an alt with +alts/register <any alt name>
  3. Under Faction, type "Player".
  4. Feel free to put whatever silliness you like in the other fields, other than Actor. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PLAYER BIT AN ACTOR. It clutters up the +actors list.
  5. Do NOT submit your background for approval. Just hop back out of character generation, and feel free to linger in the OOC room.
  6. Leave the Chat and Questions channels with all of your character bits (@chan/leave ch and @chan/leave q)
  7. You're done!

Also, please don't create a Player bit if you don't have the time to do all of these steps right away; it only takes a minute or two. Otherwise, all staff sees is an incomplete bit with a weird name, and it will likely be nuked.

Player bits are not allowed outside of the OOC Center, Idle Lounge, or Cookie Exchange. This means the TP Hub is off-limits, and they are not to be used in TP Rooms to spoof characters. We do not want potential new players seeing bits with names like HumptyDumpty in IC areas.

We feel that player pages may help to promote the OOC community we try to encourage here, so feel free to create a personal page. This is entirely optional, but if you care to, go ahead and create a personalized wiki page for you, the player.

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