Plot Spells

Some spells aren't suitable for player characters to have access to. These spells are intended to be used as plot devices, cast by NPCs, and rarely at that. As such, they are treated differently from other spells. They are not rolled for, and their effects are often far more powerful than standard spells.

Fidelius Charm

Lore Threshold: Wizard Lore 7

Incantation: "Fidelius" (fih-DAY-lee-us)
Keywords: Area • Hiding • Mind
Duration: Permanent

This complex and powerful spell is used to conceal a location, making it invisible, intangible, and sound-proof. The spell requires that one person be named the Secret-Keeper, and the location of the protected place is housed within the Secret-Keeper's soul. Only the Secret-Keeper can then find the location, and only the Secret-Keeper can share that information with others (who can then find it as well, but not share the information). If the Secret-Keeper dies, all of those who knew the secret then become Secret-Keepers.

Fiendfyre Curse

Lore Threshold: Wizard Lore 10 or Dark Arts Lore 8

Incantation: "Ignis Diabolus" (IG-nis dee-AH-boh-lus)
Keywords: Conjuring • Dark • Fire • Harmful
Duration: Until burned out or extinguished

Conjures a powerful, "living" flame that spews from the caster's wand for several seconds, incinerating nearly everything it touches, even powerful magical artefacts. It cannot be put out by a Water-Making Spell, Extinguishing Spell, or any normal water. It's flames take on abnormal size and shape, often appearing as monsters and beasts, continuously mutating. The fire pursues anything it can burn for more fuel, including any living creatures nearby.

It is possible for an inexperienced caster to summon Fiendfyre, but it is very difficult to control. Once unleashed, an uncontrolled Fiendfyre Curse will rampage wildly, and can be just as deadly to the conjurer as to its intended victims. Even the most experienced and powerful Dark wizards and witches don't dare to call upon Fiendfyre lightly.

Extinguishing Fiendfyre is terribly difficult. Water will evaporate before it can hope to even slow Fiendfyre's progress. The fire dies out only when it has nothing left to burn, or when all living creatures within its "sight" have been consumed (and even then it can continue to burn for hours, waiting). It is possible to smother Fiendfyre with non-flammable material, such as earth. But the sheer amount of such material required usually makes this untenable.

Portkey Enchantment

Incantation: "Portus" (POR-tus)
Keywords: None
Duration: Determined by caster (time-triggered Portkeys lose the enchantment after transport)

This spell transforms an inanimate object into a portkey. When this spell is used, the caster must decide whether the Portkey will be activated by touch, or whether it will automatically transport at a predetermined time.

The portkey's destination is typically the location where the portkey is created, but it is possible for the creator to have a portkey destination prepared ahead of time. This requires casting the spell first at the destination location (the target being simply the location itself). The next time the spell is cast to actually create a portkey, it will link to the last destination prepared.

This spell is not commonly known, and highly restricted by the Ministry of Magic. Any use of this charm without permission from the Department of Magical Transportation carries stiff legal repercussions.

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