Centaur Civil War
Plot Details for Centaur Civil War
Summary: For a few years now, hostilities have been rising with the Dark Forest Clan of Centaurs.
Run by: Boo



Swift Arrows






In the summer of 1937, for reasons unknown to humankind, civil war broke out among the centaur herds of the Dark Forest Clan. Herds coming into conflict isn't new, but never in known history has it enveloped an entire clan.

Late in the year of 1940 The Swift Arrows lead by Baelom attacked the village of the Starchasers. The attack was brutal and swift and only with what they could grab and carry the Starchasers were driven from their home and chased out of the forest. The only thing that saved the Starchasers was they exited the forest on the Hogwarts Campus and several students came running to their add and were soon enough joined by faculty. The witches and wizards with their magic drove back the Swift Arrows.

Torrigan, Chief of the Starchasers was very gravely injured in the chase and it is thanks to magical healing that he's alive at all. The Hogwarts faculty gave them sanctuary on the Grassy Knoll on the campus where they spent several months temporarily camping out. Then all the subtle omens came together and combined to literally crash 30 yards away from their camp. A star fell to earth and the Chief and Mystic agreed that it meant that they were to make Hogwarts their home now. Ever since the Centaur have been constructing a more permanent home for themselves. This has of course seen an increase of tension between the Centaurs and the Witches and Wizards. But the Starchasers have been shown their destiny. There is something, or someone at Hogwarts that is the key to their destiny.

The information found within the below collapsible section contains spoilers for anyone not playing a Centaur. If you are not playing a centaur, please refrain from clicking the section below. It is considered OOC knowledge for non-Centaurs. If you want to ruin it for yourself, that's up to you. But do not ruin it for others by talking about it, or using it as IC knowledge.

Getting Involved

Any student that wants to poke about the centaurs are free to do so. Just find a PC Centaur or poke Boo and if she can she will bring her centaur or NPC one.

Better yet, make/take a centaur!

The Starchasers need warm active bodies!

Below is a list of the base group of Centaurs that we are working on creating for the roster or that are the major npcs or good to have in your relations if you are a centaur.

Torrigan - Chief [M] [NPC]
Oighrig - The Mystic [F] [NPC]
Achaeron - Augur [M] [Roster]
Achirus - Warrior [M] [Roster - Approved]
Aurelea - Augur [F] [PC - Wordperfect]
Beathan - Talekeeper [M] [Roster]
Bragan - Maker [M] [Roster]
Caitig - Leafwarden [F] [PC - EvilFerret]
Coinneach - Leafwarden [M] [Roster]
Cyrene - Hunter [F] [PC - Seancee]
Ealisaid - Warrior [F] [PC - Boo]
Eithne - Talekeeper [F] [Roster]
Fandral - Warrior [M] [Roster]
Senga - Maker [F] [Roster]
Torcall - Warrior [M] [Roster]

Until the end of the Centaur Civil War Plot - Centaurs will be half cookie cost (20 Cookies) to create from scratch and the roster characters above will be free. Contact requests still apply where applicable.

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