Did Nazi That Coming
Plot Details for Did Nazi That Coming
Summary: Muggles from Germany have landed in Hogsmeade Marsh. Several have been apprehended and obliviated, but a few more are believed to be at large. Local residents are urged to practice caution.
Run by: CinderSkye

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Getting Involved

  • Any group of characters traveling too far off the roads or settled areas of Hogsmeade can potentially trigger this; students (looking to be more harmless) are more likely to get jumped, but adults can be as well.
  • If the Nazis still live after an encounter, Aurors and Obliviators can get involved for any number of reasons.
  • Any players injured will need healing and maybe some counseling.
  • This can be used by purists to trigger flames of Muggle hatred at the school.
  • Sky's the limit, really, this is just a notification of a broad group of events that can happen.
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