Divined Valentine
Plot Details for Divined Valentine
Summary: The Divination Class of Hogwarts divines soul mates for students.
Run by: Elizabeth

Getting Involved

This February, the Divination class has made a special offer for the Valentine's Day celebration. For the students that wish to participate, they will receive rose-colored glasses the day of Valentine and it's rumored that they are to lead you to your soul mate, should they indeed be on the grounds of Hogwarts.

You can participate in two different ways!

Number one! You and another person have already planned out that you want each other as soul mates. Or if you want something more complicated (dramatic) make it two different people instead of just one soul mate. It's your choice!

Number two! If you have no person in mind that you wanted to be paired with, but still want to participate anyways, this choice is for you! Not only is it fun, but you can potentially expand your circle of friends in the process. I will be making a very small questionnaire for those particular individuals to fill out and I will be using them to attempt to closely match their interests and so on with another individual of the opposite gender. Again, you may specify whether or not you want to be paired with just one or multiple people. Just try to do less than five. :P

Any character is welcomed to join in, so long as they notify me by the 12th of February. I'll need some time in order to match up questionnaires. And those that get them in the soonest will get paired the soonest. All pairings will be sent out early February 12th via +mail

If you have any questions, please feel free to page me at any time or if I'm not online, and +mail.


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