Headmaster from Hell
Plot Details for Headmaster from Hell
Summary: Gervaise Flint is about the least pleasant wizard one might have the misfortune to meet.
Run by: SeanCee & Boo

Getting Involved

Are you a Hogwarts student? You're involved. Muggle-born? You're being victimized by his bigotry.

Want to get more deeply involved? The Mud Club exists in direct opposition of Flint's chosen minions, the Magijugend. Also, Flint has pushed things far enough that a faculty-supported resistance is forming. They'll soon have their first meeting.

The Chase

When Flint gets word that the M.L.E. are out to confiscate the Magijugend contracts he must act quickly and so he tasks his trusted Magijugend with taking trunks and boxes (one of which houses the Contracts and Wand Rings) to locations disclosed only to them on notes that disintegrate after reading.

The Magijugend are gathered up into teams.
* 1 — Leader whom carries the box.
* 2 - 4 Magijugend to protect the Leader. (( Try to keep the teams as equal as possible.))

The Resistance whom have been told to delay the Magijugend at all costs are stationed about the Campus, as per the 'Starting Location', below.

The Magijugend have 10 Rounds to get their Boxes away safely. Every Magijugend team for continuity sake has already been through everything in the first few rounds of A Not So Merry Chase, so they each start in different locations with different target locations with certain amounts of Rounds that have already gone by out of the possible 10. When the scene is done, the total amount of Rounds are to be put in 'Rounds Accumulated'.

If you are a part of a team who's 'Rounds Accumulated' is below the 'Starting Round' and another Team's scene is not capped and it is fine with whomever is running the scene, those players may join and aid either side.

Below is information for each Team:

Team 1

Magijugend Leader: Abraxas Malfoy
Other Magijugend: Lucretia Black, Oberon Lestrange
The Resistance: Colton Higgins, Finley Higgins, Josie Davies, Gabriel Ward and Madeline Evans.
Rounds Accumulated: 6
Starting Location: Arcade
Starting Round: 1
Target Location: Dungeon 13 in the Serpentine Maze.
Log:A Not So Merry Chase

Team 2

Magijugend Leader: ???
Other Magijugend: ???, ???
The Resistance: ???, ???
Rounds Accumulated: ???
Starting Location: Central Castle Roof
Starting Round: 4
Target Location: Lake View Louvre on the Roof - Under Bench.

Team 3

Magijugend Leader: Brock Bletchly (NPC)
Other Magijugend: Laruen Max (NPC), Harold Tripe (NPC)
The Resistance: ???, ???
Rounds Accumulated: ???
Starting Location: Chamber of Reception
Starting Round: 7
Target Location: Viaduct - At the far, east end of the bridge tucked away in a nook between some foundation stones.

Team 4

Magijugend Leader: ???
Other Magijugend: ???, ???
The Resistance: ???, ???
Rounds Accumulated: ???
Starting Location: Entry Courtyard
Starting Round: 4
Target Location: Lake Shore - In a driftwood pile.

Team 5

Magijugend Leader: Angelus Eibon
Other Magijugend: Noalan Eibon, Cesare Gamp (NPC)
The Resistance: Elspeth Rosen, Gabriel Ward Jr., Seamus Cavanaugh
Rounds Accumulated: 10
Starting Location: Training Grounds
Starting Round: 7
Target Location: Garden - In the hollow of a tree.
Log: Game of Chase

Team 6

Magijugend Leader: Calista Flint
Other Magijugend: Bowen Nott, Miranda Blishwick (NPC)
The Resistance: Annie Taylor, Myrus Lowe, Eibhlin Shine, Anthony Rowle
Rounds Accumulated: ???
Starting Location: Third Floor Corridor
Starting Round: 6
Target Location: Library - Restricted Section - Slid under a shelf. (Must go -through- the Library)
Log:Magijugend Meets a Murder

Continuity & Advice & System

When picking a team to play a scene with, please use the Team Name in the +rp/+event listing. Please also fill out the information above quickly so that we don't get 3 side scenes featuring Team 6!

Before you begin, please everyone try to read all of the available logs to the scenes that have already happened so we can make all these scenes as cohesive as possible. Of course do not use any OOC information that can be gleaned from the logs. Once everyone's out of the Stairwell no Team knows what's going on with the other.

Again, Characters that are done with their scenes in a good space of time can join other scenes if enough rounds have gone by in that scene. For Example: Team 1's Gabriel, Finley, Josie, Lucretia and Oberon can hurry off to help out Team 3 or Team 5 because their scene ended on Round 6 and those teams start on Round 7. Colton, Madeline and Abraxas however can not join because they continued on to do Dungeon Delving


The progression and success of these scenes include moving room to room on the grid. In order to move, you must dedicate your whole action towards Movement.

+roll Body + Mind

  • Emb Failure = Lose 2 Rounds.
  • Failure = Lose 1 Round.
  • Success = Move to the next room.
  • Good Success = 2 Rooms.
  • Great Success = 3 Rooms.
  • Amazing Success = 4 Rooms.

Team Paths

Team 2 - Central Castle Roof —> Lake View Louvre
Team 6 - Third Floor Corridor —> Library —> Restricted Section

Round Walk-Through

Before you begin, have the Spells Wiki Page open to help you keep track of what needs to be rolled for spells cast.
The scene-runner +rolls everyone's initiative. Advice: Have a Notepad window open and copy and paste the below in and fill in everyone's names so you can copy and paste the whole thing into the MU text window and have one solid neat block of Initiative to keep track of.
+roll/force <Name>=Reaction+Awareness
+roll/force <Name>=Reaction+Awareness

+Roll Example:
<FS3> Josie rolls Reaction+Awareness: Failure.
<FS3> Abraxas rolls Reaction+Awareness: Success.
<FS3> Gabriel rolls Reaction+Awareness: Success.
<FS3> Oberon rolls Reaction+Awareness: Good Success.
<FS3> Madeline rolls Reaction+Awareness: Success.
<FS3> Lucretia rolls Reaction+Awareness: Great Success.
<FS3> Finley rolls Reaction+Awareness: Good Success.
<FS3> Colton rolls Reaction+Awareness: Good Success.

Abraxas and Gabriel and Madeline are all Tied. So re-roll their 3 rolls:
<FS3> Abraxas rolls Reaction+Awareness: Good Success.
<FS3> Gabriel rolls Reaction+Awareness: Success.
<FS3> Madeline rolls Reaction+Awareness: Failure.

Oberon and Finley and Colton are all Tied. So re-roll their 3 rolls:
<FS3> Oberon rolls Reaction+Awareness: Good Success.
<FS3> Finley rolls Reaction+Awareness: Success.
<FS3> Colton rolls Reaction+Awareness: Good Success.

Colton and Oberon are tied so re-roll for them:
<FS3> Oberon rolls Reaction+Awareness: Success.
<FS3> Colton rolls Reaction+Awareness: Good Success.

So in the end you figure out the list in order of successes.

Now that that's been determine people are to OOC Declare (briefly) what they intend to do in order of that list. Example:
<OOC> Josie says, "Going to run and try to catch up with the group because I feel behind when I was tied up."
<OOC> Madeline says, "Going to cast the Launching charm at the box in Abraxas' hands."
<OOC> Gabriel will cast a Leg-Lock Curse on the closest Magijugend to try and hold one of them back too.
<OOC> Abraxas spend this round on Active Defense trying to dodge that which is coming at him.
<OOC> Finley wants to drop down and make Lucretia trip over him.
<OOC> Oberon is going to cast Incarceration Jynx (a favorite spell of his to be sure) at Josie.
<OOC> Colton is going to try to grapple the box away from Abraxas.
<OOC> Lucretia is going to try to protect Abraxas from the Leg-Lock Curse by casting the Disarm Charm on Gabriel.

Now for +rolls. Start from the end of the list and go backwards/up. Example:
Because Gabriel has not gone yet, he's in a Passive Defense state which means Lucretia will roll her spell vs Gabriel's Body + Reaction.

+roll Lucretia=Charms-1 vs Gabriel=Body + Reaction
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lucretia=Charms-1 Vs Gabriel=Body + Reaction
< Lucretia: Good Success Gabriel: Success
< Net Result: Lucretia wins - Marginal Victory
As per the rules on the Spells page: Marginal Victory: Held item lands a few feet away, and can be retrieved in one round. See Additional Effects, below. — Good Success: Victim is knocked back a step.

The Storyteller then makes their judgement OOC.
<OOC> Colton says, "Lucretia very successfully has disarmed Gabriel, he is knocked back a step and doesn't have his wand for this round. So he can change his declared action to dedicate his turn to picking it back up, taking up this round.

Next to be handled is Colton who's trying to grapple the box away from Abraxas. Abraxas hasn't had his turn yet so he's still on Passive Defense so it's Colton's Fighting vs Abraxas' Passive Defence which is his Body + Reaction.
+roll Colton=Fighting vs Abraxas=Body + Reaction
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Colton=Fighting Vs Abraxas=Fighting
< Colton: Great Success Abraxas: Success
< Net Result: Colton wins - Solid Victory

Judgement: <OOC> Colton says, "Colton manages to wrest away the box out Abraxas' hands. Which puts him very close to Abraxas and to Lucretia who's next to Abraxas. But he's got the box!"

Etc. Etc.

When the +rolling is done, during which people can OOC be discussing cool outcomes and working together foe and friend alike to come up with some neat storytelling. Once everything is resolved and everyone knows what's happening to everyone poses can be done. That is the end of the round and it starts all over again! Enjoy!

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