Honor Among Thieves

The plot has been closed.

Plot Details for Honor Among Thieves
Summary: Increased pressure from the MLE upon the common criminal has resulted in an unusual step. Under the banner of the man once known as the Technician, a new Thieves Guild is rumored to be in the formation.
Run by: Tiberius


Once upon a time, the Underworld was a world unto itself. A world of smugglers, thieves, dark witches and wizards and shadow politicians. All these proud organisations fell to nothing over years of peaceful business, leaving only various isolated smugglers still operating in the open. In the wake of escalating tensions between Unity, Grindelwald, Preservists and the Ministry, pressure has been put upon the common criminal - And unfairly so.

There's a rumour going around, in the back alleys and dingy bars. A rumour that the Technician has returned to London, and is gathering his own followers. Not to fight for any cause, but to weather the coming storm together - Gathering thieves, fences, shopkeepers with an eye for profit, in an attempt to rebuild the Thieves Guild of old. There are rules, sure, but they're rules that every thief should live by - And the potential? Friends. A peaceful place to drink. Contacts to help you offload your latest bit of shine. Thieves to help with a job, or to come to your aid.

There's more chat though - It can't be the Technician behind this. He's dead, laying somewhere underneath Giza - Or trapped forever, in a vault in Gringotts. That's why he retired. Besides, the new man calls himself the Rogue, and he's known to be far more enthused than the Technician ever was.

Getting Involved

- Almost Anyone who expresses a desire to meet the Technician/the Rogue is eventually rewarded with his presence.
- Any and All Lowlife Scum are encouraged to join.
- Dark Wizards and Witches are welcome to enquire.
- MLE are welcome to investigate. Aurors, please note that you protect the world from Dark Wizards, not common criminals.
- Interested parties can be worked in, although it's good if you can offer information, or a service!

To Date:

- The Drunken Dragon is considering playing host to the Thieves Guild; The Shadow Bazaar is their final goal.
- Prospective Members; The Rose, The Rogue, The Rook, The Nun, The Crow, The Shadow, The Fence and The Surgeon.

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- The First Choice Is Never Death - Thieves are expected to use other means before resorting to killing.
- Shadow Is Cast By Light - Thieves, not Dark Wizards.
- There Is Always A Chance To Comply - Thieves should generally give others a chance to comply with their instructions.
- There Is No Profit By Taking From Those With Nothing - Thieves aren't here to strike down the little guy. This is a logistical, as well as ethical choice.

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