In Neverland's Shadow

The plot has been closed.

Plot Details for In Neverland's Shadow
Summary: In an effort to figure out a puzzle, a mysterious bound book found between two shelves in the library is falls into the possession of the Pirates. What was released when they opened the pages is unraveling a new mystery. Neverland is the second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning…
Run by: Cillian

Getting Involved

If you are a firstie, and you want to be involved, there's a chance to be reporting having the most amazing, awesome, mind-numbingly and mind-blowingly pleasant dreams, where waking up is more of a nightmare than a nightmare. Also, younger students are noticing how it would seem some books, usually children's books, are missing their words, but to everybody 14 and up, they seem to see everything just fine. There are many opportunities, and the Hogwarts Rumors Boards provides fodder for RP. Annnd just page if looking for an in, even older students with a bright enough imagination may glimpse the 'Shadow' but to adults, it's just kids playing pretend. Or…is it?

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