Plot Details for Kindertransport

In light of recent political events on the European mainland a group of concerned witches and wizards are trying to evacuate small wizarding children from Germany.

This plot will begin with Muggle characters and over time (several months at least) begin to slowly involve others.

Run by: Sparky

Getting Involved

This is a game-wide plot as such a variety of characters can be involved.

Muggle Phase: Muggle born students who are still in contact with their families may hear about it in letters from home or read about it in newspapers they get sent at school. Muggle born adults might wish to host a child or offer to send money to help the charity. Those who are known to have an interest in muggle affairs might debate the politics of it or try to help in some way.

Wizarding Phase: (Not yet implemented) You could be a journalist interviewing the people organizing the evacuation of the children or those who take in the children. You could be a non-MLE Ministry employee looking to help with the evacuation. Perhaps you are a childless adult or even one with children, and have space to house a child. Maybe you are a concerned purist and are worried about the origins of the arriving children? This is not an action plot but one which will stretch out and enable several types of characters to get involved. If you are interested contact me. Any logs which reference the plot should be tagged appropriately so they appear on this page. Thanks!

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Events So Far

  • Following the events of Kristallnacht (Night of the Broken Glass) members of pacifist groups, Christian missionaries and the British-Jewish community began to put pressure on the British government to help German Jewish children escape the growing tensions in Germany.
  • The muggle Home Secretary Sir Samuel Hoare agreed to allow immigration regulations to be relaxed so that a number of children could be evacuated to Britain.
  • The organising committee put out a public appeal via BBC Home Service (radio) and national newspapers asking for families who would host a child to come forward.
  • Families all across the UK as well as children's homes and hospitals volunteered to take in the first group of children who arrived on 2 December 1938 (these include Claire's parents in Ireland and Isobel's parents in Scotland).


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