M.L.E. Case: Fisher
Plot Details for M.L.E. Case: Fisher
Summary: Urbina Fisher - Black Widow. Unknown what alias she is under now. Known to Imperius her husbands to change their wills and then have them off themselves and then re-marry.
Run by: Open for Claiming

Victim Relations




Getting Involved

Are you an Auror looking for a case to cover? Please fill in your name in Edit Mode at the |runby=<name>. area. Then please fill in everyone who is on the case in the [[include LogIcon name=<name>]] sections.

Would you like one of her victims to be a relation of some sort. Do you want to be the latest husband that's married this criminal and has his days numbered? Please contact staff or the Plot Runner.

Itching to play a villain? It would be a bit of a throw away character because their purpose is to give the MLE someone to catch but if you would like to play this criminal, contact staff or the Plot Runner.

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