M.L.E. Case: Harrow
Plot Details for M.L.E. Auror & Hit Wizard Case: Harrow
Summary: Glen Harrow - Wanted for the murder of Auror Howard Shacklebolt during a transport to Azkaban when he was discovered torturing a goblin for information on Gringotts Security in 1935. He has also been described in many muggings in the darker parts of Mysticked District.
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Hit Wizards


Getting Involved

Are you an Auror looking for a case to cover? Please fill in your name in Edit Mode at the |runby=<name>. area. Then please fill in everyone who is on the case in the [[include LogIcon name=<name>]] sections.

Would you like to play the Goblin who was tortured? No cookie costs needed as an incentive to play the goblin. Want to play a Shacklebolt linked to Howard in some form of relation? Or would you like to be one of his mugging victims. Glen has been getting by hiding in the darker areas of the Mysticked District and mugging people for some extra coin. The muggings do not use Dark Magic, which is why he is a case for all of the M.L.E.

Itching to play a villain? It would be a bit of a throw away character because their purpose is to give the MLE someone to catch but if you would like to play this criminal, contact Staff or the Plot Runner.

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