M.L.E. Case: Hexley
Plot Details for M.L.E. Auror Case: Hexley
Summary: Pugh Hexley - Wanted for the murder, by way of the Killing Curse, his former paramour and her fiance.
Run by: Amman





Getting Involved

Are you an Auror looking for a case to cover? Please fill in your name in Edit Mode at the |runby=<name>. area. Then please fill in everyone who is on the case in the [[include LogIcon name=<name>]] sections.

Are you a witch or wizard that wishes to be related to the victims? Pugh Hexley was involved with a woman who moved on to become engaged to a different man. This is a crime of jealous passion. But that is all that is really detailed out about it, so the plot runner has quite a bit to go on. Would you like your character have a relation to either or both of the victims? Contact staff or the Plot Runner.

Itching to play a villain? It would be a bit of a throw away character because his purpose is to give the MLE someone to catch but if you would like to play this criminal, contact staff or the Plot Runner.

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