M.L.E. Case: Honeysett
Plot Details for M.L.E. Auror Case: Honeysett
Summary: Hooker Honeysett - A prostitute that lures muggle men into an alley and then robs them and Imperious Curses them to do acts of violence or robbery for her entertainment and gain.
Run by: Open for Claiming





Getting Involved

Are you an Auror looking for a case to cover? Please fill in your name in Edit Mode at the |runby=<name>. area. Then please fill in everyone who is on the case in the [[include LogIcon name=<name>]] sections.

Are you a wizard or man that wishes to be on of the victims? Even though she's a prostitute there isn't much of the sexy times RP going on between Honeysett and her victims. She lures them but enchants them before they get anything nice out of the deal. While her favorite target is Muggle Men. It's not unheard of for her to lure a man of magical means either. If you want to be a victim please contact staff or the Plot Runner.

Itching to play a villain? It would be a bit of a throw away character because their purpose is to give the MLE someone to catch but if you would like to play this criminal, contact staff or the Plot Runner. Doing these sort of scenes on grid could generate a lot of RP. Just try to get as much consent from those involved as possible.

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