M.L.E. Case: Tittinsor
Plot Details for M.L.E. Auror Case: Tittinsor
Summary: Gorithab Tittinsor - Wanted for the violation of 8 Witches, including using the cruciatus curse.
Run by: Open for Claiming





Getting Involved

Warning: As the summary of this case states, this plot line does involve the violation (rape) of witches. If this is an understandable personal squig, please refrain from this plot. If someone during scenes of this plot decides it is too much for them, everyone will respect their decision to step out. This case is not to glorify the act and crime, in fact the opposite and is about the joy of putting this scum of the earth away.

Are you an Auror looking for a case to cover? Please fill in your name in Edit Mode at the |runby=<name>. area. Then please fill in everyone who is on the case in the [[include LogIcon name=<name>]] sections.

Are you a witch that wishes to be a victim? Due to the brutal RP that comes with this. For the moment all victims are NPCs. If you choose to become a victim, please add the witches name to the LogIcon list under the Victims heading.

Itching to play a villain? It would be a bit of a throw away character because his purpose is to give the MLE someone to catch but if you would like to play this criminal, contact staff. Because of his sort of criminal tendencies it will be asked that the player only victimizes those who desire it and work with said victims to achieve a balance of realism and RP that they are comfortable with. It will not be tolerated to have non-consent RP as this character. As mentioned above, it's about putting this scumbag away, not glorifying the act and crime. If/when this character enters an on-going scene, please make sure that everyone already there is alright with this character joining a scene. This subject matter is a very delicate and touchy subject with many and that needs to be respected.

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