Mentoring Muggle-borns
Plot Details for Mentoring Muggle-borns
Summary: At Madeline's insistence, her uncle Perry Evans has begun matching Muggle-born adults with Muggle-born students in a mentorship and penpal program.
Run by: BadEgg


As hatred for Muggle-borns grows in the wake of the tragedy at the Sykes Gala, Muggle-born students struggle to find adult role models to turn to who can understand the pressures they face. Mentors will be asked to regularly write to their assigned student, offering them advice and support. Mentors of students 3rd year and up may wish to meet with their student in Hogsmeade, or may even try to establish a friendship with the student's family, and take the student and family members to wizarding events over school holidays.

Getting Involved

- Do you have a Muggle-born student? Madeline is passing out surveys to all the Muggle-borns she knows! +mail Madeline with your year, house, strengths/interests, planned career and languages. And I'm always happy to do a scene!

- Do you have a Muggle-born adult? +mail Madeline with your house, career, strengths/interests and languages and/or request a scene with Maddie's NPC uncle Perry.

To Date

Thus far, Rena and Isobel have volunteered as mentors, and Adam and Nell as mentees.

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