Mud Club Charity Sale
Plot Details for Mud Club Charity Sale
Summary: The Mud Club is having a charity goods sale on the Friday evening before the Christmas holiday (12/16/41) — baked treats and knitted goods are guaranteed, and other services may be organized as well. Half the proceeds will go to Wizarding World charities while the other half will be anonymously donated to Muggle charities.
Run by: CinderSkye

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Getting Involved

  • Mud Club or Domestics Club members will have an easy in to planning sessions, which will be held during weekday nights.
  • Anyone with a good or talent they want to lend towards charity is welcome.
  • Blood Purists can try to get the club's charitable activities shut down for technical violations (if any can be found) or through sabotage.
  • The actual charity event will be held with people running individual booths in a bazaar/market scenario. If there are no other antagonists giving trouble, Peeves will be present and wreaking mild havoc, so characters good at herding blind cats or dealing with spirits are welcome (although few people are truly ready for Peeves).
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