St. Mungo's Spell Damage - Long Term Care Case: Abbott
Plot Details for St. Mungo's Spell Damage - Long Term Care Case: Abbott
Summary: Janette Abbott - Psychotic Break
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Janette Abbott was admitted to St. Mungo's Long-Term Residence Ward in 1938 after having a mental breakdown at Hogwarts and threatening to kill Medusa Malfoy. She was deemed unfit to continue on at Hogwarts and her family admitted her to Mungo's during Winter Holiday. She is extremely unstable still and requires delicate and careful handling.

Treatment: Shocking Spell Therapy once a day. Careful observation. Solo-Therapy. Keep out of Sun.

Getting Involved

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This case is 'unsolvable' Janette is incurable and will always be in Long-Term Residence Ward. So this case can and probably will change hands several times. We've included it in the cases so it's known that she is at the Ward, why and for how long she's been there. She is to be used as a community NPC for those working the Long-Term Ward. Someone to talk about around the water cooler, etc.

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