St. Mungo's Midwife and Infant Care Case: Edwards
Plot Details for St. Mungo's Midwife and Infant Care Case: Edwards
Summary: Faith Edwards - Due 14 April 1941. Pregnant with a half-giant baby.
Run by: Open for Claiming



On bed rest and observation until birth (4-14-41). Bed 22. Every 4 hours the babies vitals and humors must be checked. Every 2 hours the mothers vitals must be checked.

Faith is very distraught. Her husband is not allowed to visit her because his size can't be accommodated in the Maternity Ward. While for technical reasons the baby is considered a half-giant by social norms and verbosity, the baby is in fact only a quarter-giant as its father, Faith's Husband is a half-giant and she is entirely Human.

Getting Involved

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Interested in playing Faith or the 'Half-Giant' Father? Contact staff or the Plot Runner. Cookie Costs will be waived for this 'Half-Giant.'

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