St. Mungo's Magical Bugs and Diseases Case: Glockenspieler
Plot Details for St. Mungo's Magical Bugs and Diseases Case: Glockenspieler
Summary: Kaspar von Glockenspieler - Vanishing Sickness.
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When Secretary of the Minister for Magic, Martia McFly began showing symptoms of Vanishing Sickness she revealed that she had been having what she thought was delusions of kicking and bumping into something in her office only to find that there was nothing there. Upon a search Kaspar von Glockenspieler was discovered hiding in her office. He purposefully allowed himself to completely vanish so that he might be able to spy on the Minister for Magic's office. He is to be kept in a secured room and when he is cured he is to sent to the M.L.E. for questioning and confinement.

Treatment: Regular dusting of dye powders to keep patient visible until cured.

Getting Involved

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