St. Mungo's Spell Damage Case: Lyons
Plot Details for St. Mungo's Spell Damage Case: Lyons
Summary: Hazel Lyons - EMERGENCY Heavy bleeding, deep lacerations, severed leg. Splinched.
Run by: Open for Claiming



Hazel Lyons has suffered serious wounds from Splinching. Damage to her right shoulder and arm and chest and loss of leg on right side as well.

Immediate care required. Suggested treatments: Dittany and Wound Knitting Spell.

Hazel and a group of friends were celebrating the just acquired Apparition License of a friend who Hazel won't identify. As she doesn't have a license she was taken side-along and was Splinched. The scent of alcohol on her clothing and breath indicate probable cause of reckless side-along apparition.

Getting Involved

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