Peeves vs Pringle 1941
Plot Details for Peeves vs Pringle 1941
Summary: Scavenger Hunt Every year Peeves celebrates April Fool's Day by raiding Caretaker Pringle's personal items, steals them and scatters them all over the Castle. This Scavenger Hunt is considered IC and will last until End-of-Term Feast. All Search Parties must post the RP Log of their scavenging. Use the tag - plot:peeves-v-pringle-1941. Please post the log as immediately as possible as no log looks outwardly like cheating and makes for nervousness in staff.
Run by: Boo

Getting Involved

All students are welcomed to gather into groups to search out the missing items. This Hunt has a RP requirement so DO NOT go around doing this solo. Doing this will have repercussions as it's considered cheating and harmful to the community the event is supposed to showcase.

The items are hidden throughout the castle. Bands of student should RP the wandering about looking for the items. Peeves is also very keen to throw students off the scent and should be used as a Community NPC.

To search for the hidden items in a room type: +Hunt this rolls your characters awareness and if successful enough the item will appear in the room. Once found: +Turn-in <itemname>

The person who turns it in will receive House Points. So grouping up by House might be wise. Or trading off who gets to run the command is also just fine. If logs are done properly, all members of a search party will also receive House Points for their participation. So grouping by House isn't required, just strategy.

Happy April Fools Day!! (( No this is not a joke. It's a real coded event, so have fun! <3 ))

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