Peevish Pringle 1940
Plot Details for Peevish Pringle 1940
Summary: Mr. Pringle has been looking more unkempt than usual. Seems he was a target of Peeves this past April 1st and many of Pringle's things have been stolen and scattered around Hogwarts by the poltergeist. There is a reward of House Points to anyone that helps Pringle locate his stolen and hidden items.
Run by: Boo

Getting Involved

This hunt is for Hogwarts students

To locate items go about the Hogwarts Castle and type: +Hunt. This will roll your Awareness skill and if you succeed and there is something hidden by Peeves in that location it will appear in the room. Look at the item! If and when you find something type: +Turn-in <ItemName>. This will send the item off to Pringle to be turned in and you will receive House Points for doing so. Within one week, post the log of the scene around finding the item to the wiki, and +bbreply 13/###=link to log, otherwise the item will be put out in the castle again for someone else to have a chance at RP.

There are 15 Items to be found. Please don't go hog wild and try to find them all. Dashing quick as you can to fine them. Make sure everyone has an opportunity to have fun with this and hopefully find something.

Unlike our other scavenger hunt events to date, this one is actually IC! It's a chance for people to group together and try to find items and In Character barter, backstab, help or harm others in the search for these items. The items will be strewn about for the rest of the year, so don't rush! Gather IC groups and go hunting together. And remember to post your logs here, with the tag plot:peevish_pringle_1940. Happy Hunting!

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