Raiders of the Lost Serpent
Plot Details for Raiders of the Lost Serpent
Summary: A group of Hogwarts students vacation to the Amazon, in search of rare magic and excitement over the Christmas Holiday. Of course, the tour company has no such plans. Will they see the mysterious feathered serpents of South America? Will there be Nazis?
Run by: WhiteBishop

Plot Notes

Abraxas Malfoy's father, Enceladus, has agreed to allow his son to take a trip out of Europe on the recommendation of Professor Arcadius Lestrange. The stated purpose is to expand the young Malfoy heir's horizons, though he also intends to have a smashing time with a few friends away from Hogwarts. A few things of note:

  • The trip is chaperoned. Really, nobody is going to let a bunch of 14-15 year olds wander through lost Amazon jungles on their own. The tour was arranged through a reputable company, and if all goes according to plan, nothing too outre will be on the menu. The Malfoy's have also arranged appropriate Ministry permission for cross-border magical travel.
  • Things may not go according to plan. Wizards may not have to worry about delays at the airport, but travel is still risky business.
  • It's holiday break! The trip takes place over the Yule holiday, and will depart the morning after the Malfoy Yule Party. They will return a few days before school starts again.

Getting Involved

Abraxas has gotten his father to agree that a few friends can come along. Natural candidates would be fellow Magijugend, purebloods, and others of 'the right sort'.

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