Snowpocalypse Now
Plot Details for Snowpocalypse Now
Summary: The snowmen of Merlin Square have come to life and started a snowball war. Join the battles! Solve the mystery!
Run by: Gamine

Getting Involved

The snowmen of Merlin Square have come to life and started a snowball war.

After four feet of snow buried the Mysticked District in a single night, the Holiday Cheer Committee of threw together a snow man building contest in Merlin Square. Local business came out with free samples of hot cocoa and Christmas cookies.

Everything was fun and perfectly normal until those huge snowflakes started to fall… That’s when the snowmen came to life and started throwing the first snowballs.

Once the snow stops, so does the battle. But who knows when the next battle might begin?

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How it Works

To join a snowball battle with the snowmen in Merlin’s Square, watch for the huge snowflakes. Whenever they start to fall, soon the snowmen start to stir. These snowflakes fall throughout the Mysticked District, but Merlin Square is where most of the snowmen are.

The snowball fight starts as free-for-all, until sides begin to form and organize.

Prepare for Battle

If you want to win a battle, preparation is key. Build up your defenses. Prepare ammunition. Those snowmen could probably use a few extra arms. Just make sure that you recruit them to your side of the battle once it begins.

Lead the Charge

When the huge snowflakes start to fall, it’s every snowman for himself. But before long, fortifications go up and sides begin to form. Will you follow one of the fearless snowmen generals? Or will you rally troops of your own?

Solve the Mystery

How is this happening? There will likely be quite a few competing theories. The snowmen battles never last long and so don’t seem like anything but harmless fun. At least, for now. Rumor has it that the Mysticked District Council is offering a 10 galleon reward to anyone who can solve the mystery.

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