Strange Defense

The plot has been closed.

Plot Details for Strange Defense
Summary: A group of students stumble upon a Portkey that takes them to a crumbling castle on a desolate island far off the coast of northern Scotland. They have a chance to set right the wrongs of the past, and let old ghosts finally rest, but will they? Or will they simply bring even more wrong into the world? As long as the portkey stays their secret, every Hogsmead Weekend is a chance to explore more of the ruin and its dark past.
Run by: Fanatic

Getting Involved

This plot is geared towards older students, fifth year and above. It's meant to be a mixture of adventure, exploration, horror and some action. As the students will be leaving Hogsmead through the Portkey, and so technically breaking school rules, the characters who get involved shouldn't be ones who are quick to run to the authorities. The best fit is anyone with an adventurous streak, whether they're tagging along for hope of lost knowledge, the mystery, treasure or simply excitement.

The scenes will generally be run in or around Hogsmead weekends, with some handwaving regarding times.

Anyone who fits the above bill and who are interested, should contact Fanatic. And if you don't exactly fit, we'll still make an effort to incldue you (say if you're a bit younger, but can still make it to Hogsmead).

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