The Banshee

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Plot Details for The Banshee
Summary: M.L.E. Casefile: A vigilante by the M.L.E. awarded moniker of 'The Banshee' has been taking the law into it's hands for years now. It's really beginning to make the M.L.E. look a bit incapable. There is also trouble because vigilante justice seems to be on the rise and it's all blamed on this one case, The Banshee. Will the M.L.E. be able to finally capture the Banshee?
Run by: Boo

Getting Involved

All of the M.L.E. are welcomed into this plot. Many different 'teams' of Hit Wizards (Since the Banshee itself doesn't ever use Dark Magic, it just brings down Dark Wizards) and Aurors alike have been taken to task to finally put a stop to this character! There are some that think what the Banshee is doing is fine, because it's just getting Dark Wizards in Azkaban where they belong. While others are furious or at least ticked that someone outside of the Law is taking it into their own hands. So far there have been no deaths, only battered and incapacitated Dark Wizards delivered into M.L.E. hands.

M.L.E. Field Agents of the Hit Wizards and Aurors alike. Feel free to play up that you've been picking up a lot of amateur vigilantes. Many of them claiming to be the Banshee themselves. However their stories and skill level just don't match to the real deal.

Contact Boo, or put in a +Request with the title BANSHEE if you wish to get involved in the Manhunt.

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