The Eibon Investigation
Plot Details for The Eibon Investigation
Summary: The M.L.E has been investigating the Eibon business since they were tipped off to possible shady dealings over a month ago. All was pretty quiet and dead end heavy. If the Eibons have shady dealings going on, they covered their tracks extremely well.
Run by: Boo
Investigating the Holdings of:

Guest Starring William Sanderson as Versi Pellum:

Getting Involved

Part I: The Warehouse:

This plotline is going to be separated into many different stages over the first week of March 2015. Everyone knows I never ever run things with set endings (cause as a player I despise them!). This plot line is an exception. But it's only one sticking fact in two of the scenes below. This is because previously the intent was to only run the Warehouse Raid. But with all the interest and conflicting on times, I wanted everyone to be able to have their part in the scene.

  • The Stake-Out: March 2nd, 8pm PST - The M.L.E. have received a tip that if they can get Versi Pellum to squeal and reveal that he is a Secret Keeper for the location of an Eibon Warehouse they can raid the warehouse and get the desperately needed evidence. Mr. Pellum is a known regular at The Hoard Tavern on Cryptick Alley which is an offshoot deep off of Knockturn Alley. It is a very very dangerous place for the M.L.E. to be loitering about waiting to snatch Pellum up for questioning. Sticking Point - The M.L.E. will get Pellum. One for the good guys!
  • The Interrogation: March 3rd, 2pm PST - Now that the M.L.E. has the Secret Keeper, they have to get him to reveal the secret! Get the hot seat ready! Sticking Point - The Secret will be broken. But how!?
  • The Warehouse Raid: March 4th, 8pm PST - The location of the Warehouse of ill gotten goods has been revealed! It's going to be a dangerous raid, who knows what sort of security, traps, guard creatures they will have to face!? Not to mention, the contraband itself might prove to be a handful!
  • Follow-Up: March 5th & 6th, Anytime Boo is on - A gentle poke from anyone involved in this plot at any time Boo is on and available a follow up scene can be run. "So what was in that mysterious crate we got a hold of?" "So glad you asked…."

Part II: The Eibon Arrest

Anyone connected to the law enforcement or legal system. Private investigators. Whoever wants to be the Eibon's defense in the trial. Legal counsel.

Looking for Law Enforcement for the interrogation of Noalan II.

Discovered Things

Isle of Dogs Warehouse

There are smaller, locked storerooms off the main one, though, and that is more interesting, for they contain a veritable plethora of illicit goods.

  • Canisters of unicorn blood.
  • A cage of baby Acromantulas - with more eggs waiting to hatch.
  • A selection of books, not so crass as to have been bound in human skin, but still giving off enough of an aura of dark magic.
  • Crates for Avery Shipping which were reported stolen around Christmas.

Eibon Estate

A wide variety of items are discovered at the Eibon estate, some legitimate, but plenty of contraband as well.

The illicit items include (but are not limited to):

  • 10 flying carpets
  • 2 live Golden Snidgets
  • 4 dragon livers (without proper documentation)
  • 50 jars of Re'em blood (possibly connected to a robbery in Finland)
  • 7 bewitched bicycles
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