The Founders' Treasures

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Plot Details for The Founders' Treasures
Summary: The Sorting Hat has laid down a challenge to those students that would seek adventure at Hogwarts.
Run by: Boo

Getting Involved

Getting involved is as simple as recalling the Sorting Hat's song (see below) and following the clues. If you want to look into something specific, put in a +request and Boo will contact you to let you know if it requires any rolls or a scene.

The Sorting Hat's Song

Every year at the Start-of-Term Feast, the Sorting Hat sings a song. But for the last two years, it has sung about some something peculiar. What follows is the Hat's song from the beginning of the 1938-39 school year.

~Last years lot were as thick as a pot.~
~Don't linger in thought.~
~Seek the treasures that are sought!~

~I will sing my song again you get a clue.~
~I will sing it til my stitches are blue.~

~Treasure, booty and glory to claim.~
~If you do nothing, only you are to blame.~

~Welcome Welcome to Hogwarts~
~Where witches,~
~learn riches~
~and wizards,~
~become hazards,~
~to the obstacles in the way.~

~Let's get to the firsties~
~for this is their day!~
~Come, don't dance like monkeys~
~or fret in dismay!~

~I know I don't look it,~
~I can tell my appearance makes you fidget.~
~But my story is worldly,~
~listen whilst I explain hurriedly.~

~Godric Gryffindor built his house~
~with no room for a mouse,~
~only room for the daring and brave~
~then I was stolen by a wicked old knave~

~Salazar did covet me~
~I'm magnificent as you can see!~
~All things great and wondrous~
~makes his house of Slytherin ponderous.~

~But no, he could not have us!~
~A fight did happen, I was torn~
~but Helga mended me, I was re-born.~
~Here you can see the black patch,~
~for good and caring she had no match.~
~But strife and tension did not slake~
~Until Rowena ever wise four statues did she make~

~Each Founder visage in stone was given a gift~
~A symbol of a peace treaty to heal the rift.~
~A secret in treasure gold,~
~A sword for the bold,~
~A cup to nurture and pleasure,~
~A crown of wit beyond measure.~

~Only one gift has been found,~
~But the finder made no sound.~
~Three gifts they have still~
~though hidden for good or ill~

~The Founder's Gifts forever hidden way~
~which of these four gifts will you display?~

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