The Mouse's Curse

The plot has been placed on hold due to inactivity. Feel free to reopen it again if and when it is active.

Plot Details for The Mouse's Curse
Summary: There are rumors that when Rhyeline was serving as Ambassador Troy's assistant in Berlin (before he was sentenced to Azkaban), she saved his life by taking a curse meant for him. Despite the best efforts of the healers at St. Mungo's, so far they have only been able to control the curse. A cure remains elusive.
Run by: Rhyeline

Getting Involved

This plot is open to everyone who would like to join. Just send Rhyeline a +mail in the game and I'll find a way to hook you in.

Healer characters (especially those specializing in spell damage) are welcome to take an interest in this curse. There's also the angle for the more adventurous type characters to find out more about the curse's origins. Travel to Berlin, learn about the curse's creators, find the wand that did it. And then there is opportunity to support those efforts: apothecaries, apprentice healers, and MLE spell specialists back in London.

The end is not scripted. Finding a permanent cure will be a very difficult process, but not impossible. The main thing is that lots of RP is generated due to this little story.

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