The Pantomime
Plot Details for The Pantomime
Summary: The Fountain of Fair Fortune will be performed on December 19th, 1939 in the Great Hall for all the School at Dinner. Let us make this first ever Christmas Pantomime something that will never be forgotten!
Run by: Boo

Getting Involved

If interested in partaking please put in a +request Panto=<Which role or position back-stage you would like to fill.>

Originally the intent was this to be an Arts Club event. In other words only Arts Club can participate as a role in the production. But we decided to keep it open for everyone, however Arts Club members will get preferential consideration.

Note from CreepyDoll: I'm fine with drama, combat (although I would prefer not to kill Melody, injury is fine by me) and assorted mayhem.

Note from BadEgg: Ditto.



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Professor Beery
Director & Narrator
Image Unavailable
Professor Kettleburn
Animal Wrangler
Image Unavailable
Headmaster Dumbledore
Special Effects


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Madeline Evans

Incurably Sick
Image Unavailable

Josephine Davies

Poor and Wandless
Image Unavailable

Melody Abernathy

Heartbroken and Scorned
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Felix Flitwick
Sir Luckless

Knight, luckless


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Augusta Macmillan
Wardrobe Mistress
Image Unavailable
Angus Macmillan
Image Unavailable
Lara Stuart
Sets & Special Effects
Image Unavailable
Elspeth Rosen
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