To Catch a Thief
Plot Details for To Catch a Thief
Summary: A wizard has been using memory charms to victimise women and steal from them. This was uncovered by a Daily Prophet journalist and now has been handed over to the Ministry for Hit Wizards to investigate.
Run by: Phil

Getting Involved

This TP is open to a variety of characters. You could have been a witness to a crime, a victim, friend or family to a victim, a healer who has treated a victim or you could be a member of the MLE who is working on the case. If you are interested contact Phil.

Events So Far

  • Phil discusses a scoop she has with someone she knew from school, Tristan, who suggests she look into it further.
  • Phil convinces Graham to bend the rules and help her break into the apartment of the man she thinks is the thief.
  • Tim helps Phil develop some photos she took in the suspect's apartment, she turns them over to the MLE.
  • Keenan gives Phi some advice on what type of spell the thief might be using and what can be done to check that.
  • Bannon is sent a tip off about some strange occurrences in the East End, he meets Sylvan who gives him the name of two possible victims of the thief.
  • Bannon interviews Rosie, one of the victims.
  • Astoria agrees to help Phil by speaking to the thief's first victim, an elderly witch.
  • Astoria's celebrity status helps her gain the confidence of Millicent Gardner, the first victim.
  • Millicent takes advice from her new famous friend and visits St Mungo's where Takeshi is on rounds with Master Healer Coogan. She asks the junior apprentice to speak to a reporter about her condition.
  • Takeshi does as asked and meets Astoria in her quirky house, he does his best to not rearrange things.
  • Astoria shares what she has learned with Phil but their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of a mutual friend.
  • Rena and Takeshi encounter the suspect, Darnell Glinch, while he is on the run. They disarm him as a hitwizard (Nelson Thornes) arrives to make the arrest.


Darnell Glinch was captured and arrested by officers from the Ministry of Magic's Magical Law Enforcement division. He was sent to Azkaban to await his trial, after two nights in the infamous prison he decided to confess his crimes in the hopes of leniency on behalf of the judges.

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