Plot Details for Unity
Summary: The Unity Movement seeks the repealment of the Statute of Secrecy, sparking a political conflict that could potentially reshape the world.
Run by: Staff

Getting Involved

Unity is more of a story arc than a defined plot. It is open for anyone to be involved, as it has to do with politics that can affect every single character in the game. There are two primary factions involved in this fight: the Unity Party, and the Preservation Society. Joining either gives you a direct connection to the goings-on of the plot. Cassius Malfoy is the leader of the Unity Party, heavily assisted by Rhyeline Diderot. The Preservation Society doesn't have such a central leader, but Gilbert Sullivan is a major voice and public figure connected to it. Contacting any of the above would be a great way to find ways to get involved.

This story depends largely on the actions of those involved in it. Hold rallies, stage protests, publish a paper, rabble-rouse…there is plenty that an individual or group can do to make their voices heard on this issue.

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