What Men Kill For
Plot Details for What Men Kill For
Summary: Starting with the torture and murder of Abram Willis, the MLE have become aware of a sudden increase in the presence of Dark Wizards in London - Taking advantage of the political unrest to achieve their own smaller goals.
Run by: Myst


Using the political unrest and the sudden appearance of Dark Wizards and Witches in London, another group of them have arrived with the intention of recovering a single artifact at and any all costs.

Getting Involved

- Almost Anyone who wants in. This RP is primarily for Law Enforcement and Dark Wizards, however.
- Aurors. This is your Forte. These are DARK WIZARDS!

To Date

- Abram Willis is killed infront of Auror Rena Lee at St Mungos - He had initially requested to speak to an Auror upon admission with injuries. Healer Noel is injured in the confrontation. Auror Rena stuns the dark witch responsible, causing her to fall out of the building. Her body is not recovered. 1939-01-27
- The Willis Home is attacked. Unforgivable curses are used, the building is set afire with the corpses of James Cartwright, Retainer, and Nancy Willis inside. Auror Shelley Prewett, attending on an unrelated manner, arrives coincidentally on the scene just as Evelyn Willis reveals her father's secret to the dark witch, who is referred to as 'Narelle'. An attempt to rescue Evelyn leaves Auror Shelley vulnerable, injured and tossed from the building. She wakes to the building consumed in flames, the girl deceased. 1939-01-29
- The Willis Fire is investigated by Aurors Shelley Prewett, Rena Lee and Graham Cohen. A page from the diary of Nancy Willis is found, naming the device as an 'Amplifier'. A ring bearing the name 'Narelle' is also found. 1939-01-30
- The investigation considers Auror Shelley Prewett a person of interest. 1939-02-02.
- A private investigation by Auror Hugh Carruthers results in the discovery of what might have been an Inferi, and a trio of dark wizards in the Willis Catacombs - An encounter that leaves the 'Inferi' and the catacombs destroyed. Hugh digs his way out. 1939-02-06.
- Dark Wizards break into the Lima Press, threatening owner Gareth Ollivander until he turns over 'Healer Euphrates Magical Constructs Compendium' - A unique work. A page is left behind. 1939-02-12
- Gareth Ollivander reports the incident to the MLE, in exchange for sanctuary. 1939-02-15
- Auror Shelley Prewett is invited to a meeting with 'Narelle' without warning or precedence, at Cheddar Cemetary. After a brief verbal battle, Narelle is stunned without any attempt at defence - When Shelley attempts to take her into custody, an Inferus is triggered, attacking her and forcing her to apparate away in a panic. A splinch is incurred. 1939-02-17
- Auror Shelley Prewett splinches into the Red Light District, to encounter a fellow Auror (Katherine Sykes) and a Civilian. After escorting her to St. Mungo's for treatment, Auror Katherine Sykes decides to investigate her co-worker's incoherent ramblings about the Cheddar Cemetery. 1939-02-17
- Auror Katherine Sykes encounters two inferi in a cottage, along with two dead muggles while investigating the cemetery. The evidence is all destroyed. 1939-02-17.
- Auror Shelley Prewett is tortured by 'Narelle' in her hospital room. Auror Rena Lee's fear of just such a thing happening results in her attendance and, after some confusion and an appearance by Jocunda Sykes, the safe apprehension of 'Narelle' and the subsequent arrest of Jocunda Sykes on charges to be named. 1939-02-18

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