When the Music Stops
Plot Details for When the Music Stops
Summary: It started with a party. A single party, that turned into a disaster when those that heard the notes wafting out of the old Victrola began to attack each other. Some, but not all. Some of them seemed to be immune and one of them was Auror Graham Cohen when he managed to put things back to rights. But pieces of the smashed record remain, as do pieces of the record player. Was it a single incident event or is there something more nefarious going on? How deep could it possibly run?
Run by: Persyn

Getting Involved

This plot is designed specifically to give Ministry Members something to do, highlighting their skills in a bit of a mystery investigation. But one doesn't have to be a member of either to participate. Perhaps you're simply one of the unfortunate who happen upon the 'object' that's responsible for the behavior in people and need the hit wizards and aurors of the world to come and assist you! Or perhaps you're one of those who need to come do the assisting. Or maybe, maybe you're a curse breaker and those involved will have to think outside the box.

The scenes that are offered are those from simply investigating information and talking to people, to possible brawls, all the way to shady underworld dealings in the quest for information and puzzle solving. There's no set way things have to be solved, either. The answer lies firmly in the hands of the players.

  • Want Involved?
    • Contact Persyn, either via page or +mail to set up a scene and discussion which 'in' and angle your character would be best involved in the story.
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